Seats Are Good, Not Great - 2016 Honda Civic Long-Term Road Test

2016 Honda Civic: Seats Are Good, Not Great

by Ed Hellwig, Executive Editor on March 11, 2016

2016 Honda Civic

The seats in our 2016 Honda Civic look and feel great, especially for a car in this class.  On my initial drives I liked their level of support and ability to adjust to my tall, lean frame.

During some longer stints behind the wheel, however, they're not quite as compatible. 

After about an hour or so sitting in traffic, I've noticed that the bottom seat cushion gets uncomfortable. I start to shift around to find a better position and nothing seems to work. It's not terrible, just annoying. I would chalk it up to my particular body type for now. We'll see if anyone else on staff notices the same thing after some prolonged time behind the wheel.

Ed Hellwig, Executive Editor @ 1,214 miles

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