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2018 Honda Accord Long-Term Road Test

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2018 Honda Accord: Monthly Update for July 2018

by Josh Sadlier, Senior Manager of Content Strategy

2018 Honda Accord

Where Did We Drive It?
I had an opportunity to drive our 2018 Honda Accord up a mountain in July, and I saw that it was good. Very good. I'll let my logbook comment below give you the details, but in short, it's quite amazing how well this sizable, family-oriented sedan behaves when you show it some curves. Some people will tell you that the Mazda 6 is the sportiest family sedan on the market, but for me, it's no contest. If you care about the driving experience, there's the new Accord and then there's everything else.

In other news, our man Kavanagh got the Honda out on the open road and noticed some significant cabin noise at speed — an old Honda bugaboo that just won't go away, it seems. He also took issue with the adaptive cruise control system, which is another work in progress for Honda across multiple models. But like most of us, Jason's still high on the Accord overall. Honestly, whether you care about driving or not, it's hard to top this Honda.

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2018 Honda Accord: Introduction

by Kurt Niebuhr, Road Test Editor

2018 Honda Accord

How does the 2018 Honda Accord stack up against archrival Toyota Camry and other midsize sedans? Do midsize sedans still matter in a world of crossover SUVs? We get the keys to a new Accord for a year to find out.

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