Family Road Trippin' - 2008 Honda Accord EX-L V6 Long-Term Road Test

2008 Honda Accord Long-Term Road Test

2008 Honda Accord EX-L V6: Family Road Trippin'

July 24, 2008


The Accord chills in the shade in front of the iconic windmill and "comic foreground" photo-op of two guys splitting peas at Pea Soup Anderson's restaurant in Santa Nella.

Took our long-term Honda Accord to the San Francisco Bay Area recently for a joint family trip/bachelorette party. Though I had a bevy of long-term crossovers at my disposal, I decided our small family (two adults, one toddler) could probably manage with a sedan, so I went with the Accord. For the most part, it worked out fine, but it wasn't the perfect I-5 road trip vehicle we had been hoping for.

Before we got on the road, I read Dan Edmunds' post about the Accord's seat comfort, furrowed my brow and then tried to be cautiously optimistic about the potential long-haul comfort of the driver and front-passenger seats. My heinie is sad to report that Dan was right. Though my husband and I were both able to find comfortable driving positions, the rock-hard seat did lead to severe cases of dead butt unless we did seated gluteal isometrics and took frequent breaks (fortunately, a given when traveling with a small child). We both experienced quite a bit of lower back numbness, as well. The fixed upper lumbar support was also problematic for my husband, who prefers zero support in that area, but I found it just fine.

The back seat had plenty of room for the kid's gigantic, but beloved, Recaro Como car seat plus all of our road trip junk (snacks, cooler with drinks, pillows, toys, books). However, with the car seat secured in the center seating position, it was a bit tight when either my husband or I sat back there with her in an attempt to allay her boredom. Not impossible, but not great for longer stints, and the back seats weren't as relatively comfortable as the front ones. She ended up entertaining herself for the majority of the miles.

Significant wind and road noise made listening to anything but kids music on the audio system pointless. I know that Hondas are known for their road noise, but I didn't expect the wind noise, too. As such, we got quite familiar with our daughter's new favorite album.

Fuel economy for the 800+ mile trip (which consisted of a good deal of in-city driving, as well as the highway miles) was 24 mpg. EPA estimates for the 2008 Accord are 19 city/29 highway/22 combined.

Overall, I'm not sorry we chose the Accord for our trip (V6 power, controls were easy to use, satellite radio and auxiliary jack), but if I owned this car, I might not be too eager to take another road trip in it anytime soon.

Bryn MacKinnon, Senior Editor, @ 12,497 miles

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