Dino Leather Seats - 2008 Honda Accord Long-Term Road Test

2008 Honda Accord Long-Term Road Test

2008 Honda Accord: Dino Leather Seats

July 07, 2008

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I thought the 2008 Honda Accord sedan would be a good car to take home over the long Fourth of July holiday weekend. Not too big, not too small--it should work out just fine for any trip we might decide to take.

Within 5 minutes of leaving the office, however, I knew we weren't going anywhere. Pitch the tent in the back yard, kids: we're going to have a "staycation" at home.

Those leather seats might look inviting, but they're as hard as a rock--or so said my buttometer. The cushion had no give, the seams clawed at the pockets of my jeans, and no amount of adjustment would make it go away. I couldn't get out fast enough.

350 t-rex.jpg

Just call me Mega-sore-a**.

Without saying anything to my wife, we went to dinner. She's 8 inches shorter than me; maybe these seats are better-suited to those of shorter stature

No such luck. Before she even buckled her belt she was fishing for a non-existent lumbar adjustment (only the driver gets one) to relieve what she termed, "the basketball in my back."

Based on this, I'd have to pass on the leather. The cloth seats are liable to lack the drum-tight surface tension of these leather ones, resulting in more cush for the tush. Sucks that the front passenger doesn't get a lumbar adjustment, though. Last time I checked, all of the folks who've ridden shotgun with me had a spine. It's practically a prerequisite.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 14,228 miles

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