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2006 Dodge Sprinter Cargo 1st row 2 place seat

Vincent Mordt Rolfe, 01/28/2017
118 WB 3dr Van (2.7L 5cyl Turbodiesel 5A)
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Bought this Cargo 118"WB from a Sprinter dealer with 9,000 miles and needing a fuel filter change. It had the original expensive tires 15" and wandered a bit in side winds. Tires lasted 105K. Alignment required due to rt front tire wear at Sprinter dealer--setting only toe in. Van continued to wear same tire and second dealer in Chicago, "nothing we can do about that". Put on new set of tires at 106K G-26's. At that time found a camber aluminum wedge to correct rt front camber problem. 1 degree. Installed and too much correction. Hand filed wedges mathmatically to 1/2 degree and reinstalled and reset toe. Now van drove steady in high winds, made sweeping turns with no constant steering correcting and tires quit wearing. Sometimes I drive to east or west coat-5K miles in 5 days: driving is now relaxed. Replaced original ball joints with Moog US designed ball joints with grease zerks and also MB tierods at 50K. Stiff steering and rapid wear went away. Reset toe in with homemade toe jig. One alignment garage refused to try to align van at 50K due to ball joints wear and tie rods loose. Now at 131K steering still tight and using Molylithium grease for ball joints. Four speed heater fan failed at 110K-replaced for $25 using my screw driver. Winter of 2015 Chicago and motor hard to start and not hitting on all cylinders when cold. Checked internet with symptoms and glow plugs-5 Beru-MB brand were questionable. Found electrical resistance on 3 of 5 plugs to be incorrect. Bought deep metric socket at HomeDepot for $4. and removed 3 glow plugs with new Bosch NAPA plugs for $22 each. Not all 5 needed replacing according to testing resistance readings. Van starts at 22 below zero F with no problems using Peak anti gel 1 oz/5 gallons. I replace fuel filters and oil change with Shell T-6 5W40 every 10K. Best mileage on highway before the camber wedge was 34mpg. loaded coming back from St. Louis. After correcting the camber, going to Twin Cities MN, mpg was 36-37 driving at 63-65mph, small load with very little wind. This van does not use oil and I let it warm up to the first temperature gage mark before driving away. I will drive around the block and let it warm up even more if I immediately do highway driving. A neighbor with the longer WB 2500 '06 drove it like a Ford V-8 and blew up the turbo and then the cylinder head gasket, rear axle seal, and a host of other extended warranty items. Heavy foot driver. My van driving in the Smokey Mts and Blue Ridge Mts. with the turbo and that car like handling: I was passing other cars going up and down the long runs and curves. Reminded me of my early 180D's. I change the rear end fluids every 50K and repack the front wheel bearings every 40-50K depending on the noise I hear--set them loose and use Molylith grease. Oil the doors once a month. I installed a 2 place rear seat from a 2004 Sprinter and now can take the kids with me. Or maybe a mother-in-law. Replaced rear doors step plate for $70. This van will probably outlast me. Letting the motor warm up is the secret: don't tell anyone Sheeeee Oh, I do woodworking and extend the bulk head back 2" for increased leg room and seat tilt" helps on short or long drive and wife likes the more seat tilt. Replaced MAF due to uneven performance and MPG went up along with adding a rear Kamm style airfoil that is effective from 45mph on up. The airfoil makes head winds more sensitive due to reduced drag at the rear. Added new rear shocks due to total collapse of the original shocks. The shocks and airfoil make highway driving much more stable especially in lane changes and curves. No oil consumption at this time. Update at 150K. I had been out of comish for 5 months due to a bad case of Shingles. Still suffering but datz life. The air foil attached to rear-Kamm style gets me into the upper 30's mpg and takes over at 45 mph. Made of wood with membrane press. Replaced front rotors with Premium NAPA but they not good metal. replaced rear rotors due to build up of crap on sides due to road slush, I guess. Went with $10 more for MB quality and van stops on a quarter. All is well with this van and expect to go another 300K miles if no body shops are involved.? Got a memo from MBenz asking me to have the computer recalibrated due to that year not notifying owner of EGR failure and other MAF failure with not trouble codes. This sounds like a MB-VW spoof and I will not let those boys touch the van to change it. And, now I hear that MB will not be importing Diesel cars any more.? Something sounds off in that request. Will change the rear diff fluid in the Spring '18 and replace front wheel bearings at that time due to some sounds like the announcers make before that prize fights, "rumble rumble". I may start looking for another '06 Sprinter and keep it in the back 40. Rust on the later models of V-6 Sprinters in Chicago is a problem on the side-low. All for now in Feb of '18.

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Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter passenger van

BP, 08/03/2006
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Somewhat spartan in ergonomics, the Sprinter is fairly comfortable in a basic way. It does not compare to American made vans (in the same price range) in technology and creature comforts. More advanced features are not even available. It seems the Euro style is stark functionality over luxury. Functionality is key. I appreciate the economy, handling, and spaciousness greatly. This is where this van beats domestics hands down. I consider the Sprinter passenger van to be a "happy medium" between a bare bones cargo van and a decked out domestic family van. I can't comment on the reliability due to it's newness, but the diesel model has been around for years and the turbo gives it a boost.

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Blue Double Short

JC MI, 04/25/2006
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Looked at Mini-vans, SUVs, and Full-sizers. Minivan was ruled out as it could not pull the boat, SUV was hard on gas, and Ford/GM full size was not too good on gas either and drove like slugs and did not handle as nice. The Sprinter drives much smaller than it is, is easy to park, great visibility, handles well, and hauls 8 very comfortably. I tinited the windows and did the M-B grille and badge conversion and it looks great! It is fun to drive and everyone is always checking it out. Draws a small crowd at the truck stop fueling up. Love those high-speed diesel pumps!

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Mike, 12/08/2006
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This van is comfortable, roomy , and gets great mileage, It is fun to drive for myself and family, and good to carry my tools to do work .

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Mixed emotions

GC, 07/04/2010
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I love my Sprinter, I don't like chancing front brake pads every 28,000 miles. I don't like that I'm on my 3rd $116 transmission pan gasket, I don't like that I just replaced mt A/C compressor, filter dryer and expansion valve at 48,000 miles. I HATE that my roof leaks at the seams and most of the spot welds on the roof are rusting from the inside out! I have put multiple coats of Menzerna FMJ per year expecting it to help seal what I knew was crappy paint when I bought it. This weekend I lost several thousand dollars worth of inventory in my well kept van from a leaky roof. I'm livid! I hate that my hood rusted from the inside under my 3M invisible bra. A cassette deck? Come on! It's 2006!

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