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2000 Chrysler Voyager 4-cyl, automatic

elurael, 02/15/2012
3dr Minivan
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This is the basic model (Base), and I bought it new in February 2000. It has a large 4-cylinder engine, which allows for pleasantly surprising acceleration, yet 22 miles-per-gallon performance over all. However, I did have to pay to add cruise control and a roof rack. It does have an automatic transmission, which I also prefer.Everything else is manual (windows, door locks, etc.), but that is what I prefer. Aside from what I mentioned in suggested improvements, performance and function have been reliable and pleasing. At 70k miles, the brake pads have had to be replaced once and as well as the battery (at 10 years). I do try to keep it serviced regularly with 5 quarts of synthetic oil.

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Milage is age too

Belinda, 08/20/2008
SE 4dr Minivan
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I have had trouble with my trans too but I have a great trans guy. Just 1 adjustment no more leaks. After 125,000 mi my wheel fell off pass front. Hey 100,000 mile come on cars are driven more now than in the 60's. We hope in the car and dive 50 miles to go buy a pair of shoes and save $25. But do we remember to get the oil change every 3000 miles? Or do you have the fluids checked. every month. Your duty to your car is not to just put gas in it when it needs a drink, but to ck. under the hood every once in a while and if the driveway has a spot then take it to the dr. like it was your baby. in short be kind to it and it will be kind to you.

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250,000 miles

R Villarreal, 08/03/2009
3dr Minivan
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I bought mine with over 200,000 and it now has over 250,000 miles. It still runs great but I needed to replace some parts. Water pump, fuel pump, radiator, thermostat, and tires. Engine, transmission, and body are still in great shape, but crossing my fingers. Brought it for $1,000.00. Best car I ever brought for the money. Previous owner took very good care of it.

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93,000 mile report card

sunjet74, 06/28/2010
3dr Minivan
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Bought new in Mar 2000. I own the base 2.4 L auto with no options. I have never done less than 20 mpg. Average 24 and have don 29 mpg on highway. It's simple, do a service on the auto tans every 30k miles. Do Not shift abusive, use the trans. gently. Also, that's how to maximize the MPG. I live in the very congested SF Bay area and still achieve these real MPG as stated. This is not an exciting vehicle to drive. But when I realize that I've not even replaced the orig battery, that the orig tires went to 65K miles, and not a single light bulb has even been replaced. How can a vehicle be more reliable than that? It did have a rear brake job and all sched maint. done on-time. A++ van!

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What Happened?

NJGal, 04/11/2009
SE 4dr Minivan
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Have you ever driven on a hot day and see other Chrysler vans with their windows opened? I do all the time. My A/C broke and I was told was unrepairable. The kids in the back are so hot and with the windows open creates pressure on the eardrums of the driver and passengers. I think it's a flaw in the design. I used to love this car, I have 108K on it and the inside is still beautiful, the body and paint is great but the overall engine quality is shoddy. I have a leak of transmission fluid and the repair would cost so much the mechanic told me to just keep replacing fluid it's cheaper. Bummer, I didn't want to get rid of it yet but I WON'T ever by Chrysler AGAIN!

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