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2015 BMW 2 Series Video Review

  • This BMW 2 Series Convertible video review includes information about performance, fuel economy, available engines, passenger room, trunk space and competitors. For more information, read the 2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible review.

    The 2 Series replaces the old 1 Series Convertible in name, and improves upon it in most respects. It's lost some of the raw engagement the 1 used to provide, but it's gained an ample degree of refinement and comfort. Those are qualities usually more appreciated in a convertible, but despite this more grown-up character, the 2 is tremendously fun to drive.

    There are two versions and both deliver the sort of sharp responses and involving driving experience expected from BMW. The 228i has a turbocharged four-cylinder that punches way above its weight class. BMW says it'll go from zero to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds.

    If you're looking for more of a sports car, the M235i and its 320-horsepower turbo inline-6 should hit 60 in about 4.7 seconds. It also comes with a full menu of performance extras like variable ratio steering, upgraded brakes, a sport exhaust, sport seats and an adaptive sport suspension. Many of these upgrades are available on the 228i.

    An eight-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive are standard on both, but you can get a 228i with xDrive all-wheel drive and the M235i with a six-speed manual.

    That increased refinement definitely applies to the improved cabin. It's hard to find areas where it looks and feels less special than the pricier 4 Series. It is definitely smaller, though. The backseat is very cramped, and like most convertibles, the cabin is more of a 2+2 arrangement.

    Visibility is also worse than in the 4 Series, with the cloth roof creating more of a blind spot when raised. That cloth roof does have advantages, though. It takes only 20 seconds to raise or lower, and you can do it at speeds of up to 30 mph. You can even lower it with the key fob.

    Trunk is reasonably sized for a convertible. Plus, unlike retractable hardtops like the one found on the 4 Series, you can carry something larger than a handbag when the roof is down.

    Like most BMW's, the 2 Series doesn't provide a lot of equipment for the money, but if you value performance and quality construction, it'll still probably seem like money well spent.

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