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  • 2017 Genesis G90 Premium in Gray
    4,942 miles
    Stock photo © EVOX Images
    Dealer:  (1)
    24.4 mi away
    Stock# 268581056

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    Win Hyundai Carson - Long Beach / California

    Located 24 miles away from Orange, CA


    Dealer Review:

    That low rating is mostly for the customer service. Which was/is poor. I posted my review elsewhere but here it is again, in all its verbosity. Well I suppose it's time to post my review of Win Hyundai in Carson. It started off fine. I purchased a car from saleman Mike back in the middle/end of December. It was a trade-in/purchase. No real problems there. In fact outside of the time it took, it was relatively painless. Mike was an amenable guy. The trade was probably as good as can be expected, although getting the hard sell during the paperwork was a drag, but I know it's part of the process. The more painful part started when 1. I didn't get the extra set of keys and 2. there was some confusion with the registration/license plates. In fact, the last reason is a contributing factor why I am giving them a poor review. The customer service. Or rather, lack thereof. It was annoying enough that it took almost a month to get my extra keys 'programmed' and that I had to wait almost 2 hours during a Sunday visit. Ok, no problem. But over the course of the last 2 months, I've been getting a few letters DMV regarding my lapsing registration for the car I traded it, including a renewal and a warning notice. I was under the (correct) assumption that the registration paperwork I took care of with the sales team during the sales transaction (including for the trade-in) was eliminating the need for me to register the car or would also take the old car (the trade in) off the DMV registration rolls. Apparently I was wrong. I'm still getting notices about the car. Which leads to my current (ongoing, frustrating, disappointing) issue with the customer service department at Win Hyundai Carson. It sucks. I've been getting repeat emails (form letters) from Win Hyundai about a service appoint. Apparently I was just assigned a random appointment without my knowledge of scheduling, and just expected to be present. For whatever reason (the email didn't clarify.) When I tried to respond to the email, and to the email of a one Daniel Hernandez (Service Manager) - nothing. Even after repeated attempts to contact via email. And via the online chat (with 3 different chat personnel, apparently, none of whom, of course, work directly FOR or WITH Hyundai, they are just random chat agents who 'contact' Hyundai with complaints - or not since NONE of the 3 times I chatted, were my complaints or messages relayed BACK to Hyundai, or at least, responded too. And I placed a few phone calls DIRECTLY to Win Hyundai Carson, and left a few messages FOR Daniel Hernandez, via the (somewhat clueless) ladies answering the phone or leaving him a voice mail directly, on 2 different occasions. They didn't seem to have a very good grasp on what was going on or even seemed to care that much. I didn't get the cold shoulder (ear) but there wasn't much sympathy from them, even after I explained myself (a few times) and my situation (a real drag.) Subsequently, leaving a voicemail and message with customer service for Mike, my sales rep (whether he's even still there or not, who knows!) was to no avail. So to encapsulate: 3 chats, numerous emails, numerous voice mails, numerous phone messages left with customer service representatives AND 3 communicates through Facebook messenger - which were responded to, and I was promised a response, over a week or two - and guess what? No return emails. No return phone calls. No return Facebook message (other than the empty promise of 'we promise we'll get to your message!' - another lie? strung along again) - NOTHING even after WEEKS of trying to get Daniel (or Mike, or... anyone) to return my messages. Which, at this point, I almost forget what my original questions/issues were. Actually I do remember, all to well. The appointment i was booked for outside of my knowledge, and the status of my car registration (or deregistration of the trade-in car since that was promised to be 'taken care of' during the sale/trade in transaction back in December.) So my recommendation? Car sales - ok. Customer service? Poor. The worst part? I'm a NEW CUSTOMER of WIN HYUNDAI! I just BOUGHT a new car 3 months ago! Is this the way you treat a new, potential long term, future customer? I don't think so. Incredibly frustrating, very disappointing, and certainly, not a company or dealer I would recommend just on customer service alone - which is probably one of the most important facets of a business, especially one that thrives on customer service with such a high quality, efficient automobile they are representing. Truly stupefying especially now that I'm going to be taking the car I bought from WIN Hyundai and having it serviced and accounted for elsewhere. As well as my friends and family - who I won't recommend to use WIN Hyundai. I've actually gotten better and more efficient customer service from the Cable Company. Which is saying something (we all know how abysmal the reputation of customer service from the cable companies is).

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2017 Genesis G90 Premium with Remote Start, Stability Control, Auto Climate Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Power Driver Seat.
    Engine: 6-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: rear wheel drive
    20 Combined MPG (17 City/24 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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