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Stunning build quality. Unmatched driving experience!

Golddust, 02/26/2011
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So many of the 5.7L reviews acknowledge the monster horsepower and torque of this exceptional drivetrain. Toyota, however, has managed to combine the power with an overall unmatched driving experience. Climb into the cab of the Tundra, buckle up and get ready to experience the best drive of your life. The Tundra imparts a feeling of control, confidence and well being that only happens with one or two vehicles in a lifetime. Remember that one you wished you had never sold? The Tundra is that one again and now. It will make you look forward to the local Home Depot trip as much as the two week, two thousand mile vacation jaunt. At this price level, nothing out there comes anywhere close.

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The Most Dependable Truck Made!

Jimmy D., 05/04/2019
Tundra Grade 4dr Double Cab 4WD SB (5.7L 8cyl 6A)
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I'll start off by saying I was die-hard GM guy for most of my life. In 2004, Toyota sent me an ad in the mail for a gift card for trying out one of their vehicles. I took them up on it, only to get the gift. I walked out of the dealer with my first Tundra! This 2010 is my second tundra. The first one was traded at 150,000 miles, ONLY because I wanted the 5.7l engine to tow my camper. Now, my current Tundra TRD Off Road has 128,000 miles on it, and has been just as exceptional as the first. No, it's not as glitzy as some of the competitors, but it sure will outlast all of them. For those that complain about the gas mileage, if you just take it easy on starts, and let it coast down hills, it's a bunch better. I can regularly get 18+ MPG tank full to tank full on the highway. My experience has been to buy nothing lower than 89 octane fuel, not even for my lawn mower. For fifteen years, and two Tundra's, I've never has a check engine light come on. No O2 sensor failure, either. If you want 30 MPG, don't buy a truck. For me, the Tundra has less gadgets to distract me, or to break. I would really like to buy a brand new one, but can't find a reason to let go of this one. They're just so darn dependable. I don't ever see a competitors truck in my garage!

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Love this Truck

jmcycle, 07/02/2010
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When shopping for a new full size truck, I looked at everything accept GM (won't buy GM due to bailout and subsequent UAW lawsuits). I settled on the Tundra for three main reasons: 1) 381 hp and 401 lb/ft of torque. The only truck that came close to this was the Ram. 2) The double cab rear doors open as regular doors instead of suicide doors. Aside from being more convenient, I also think it is safer for the rear seat passengers. 3) Toyota offered a lease. I rated the gas mileage as a 10 b/c it is comparable to its competition but still offers superior performance. This truck also handled better than and was more comfortable than the other trucks I test drove.

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2010 Tundra Crewmax 2wd 5.7ltr TRD SR5

wes, 09/27/2010
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So far (1000 miles) this truck has not disappointed. My first tank of gas I averaged 16.5 mpg with mostly highway driving, the second tank the truck got 15.4 mpg with mostly city driving. It is a big truck with a big v8 so one shouldn't expect 25 mpg and be upset when they do not get that. I love the rear doors opening at nearly 90* to the truck as it makes it easy to get in and out putting my daughter in her car seat. The tailgate assist shocks are a nice touch. The truck is a nice tame vehicle when driving normal but has plenty of power on tap when you mash the go pedal. Trans shifts really smooth. I am 6,4 and with the front seat set for my driving I have plenty of room in the rear seat.

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Tall guys will love it!

jason, 11/24/2010
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Fantastic truck! Besides the looks, besides the massive towing abilities, besides the power, this truck just fits. Just driving it you feel in total control. Regardless if your towing a 10,000 lbs piece of equipment or a bed full of whatever, this truck does it with confidence. And I have to say being 6'3"(ish) I love how much room I have. Not to knock the other full size trucks, but I just felt cramped. If you like everything right in your face then this truck may not be for you. But if you like room, serious power (all available at low rpm by the way), and a great ride all with more cup holders than people can handle - then this is for you. And it's built in the US!!! Yes!! Texas

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