2012 Nissan GT-R - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition (3.8L V6 Twin-turbo AWD 6-speed Automated Manual)
Date Driven: 2/1/2011
Performance Taken as a whole, the GT-R's performance is the best of any production car we've ever tested. It's not the absolute best in every measured category, but overall nothing can top its performance. And on a drag strip it's virtually unbeatable.
Driving Dynamics Only the GT-R's braking distance keeps it from scoring a perfect 10 here. Its cornering limits, grip, agility and feedback are among the best anywhere. And for the 2012 model year, it's even more fun to drive.
Ride Comfort There aren't many cars as stiff as the GT-R. Even its Comfort mode is teeth-chattering. It's a compromise many enthusiasts will be willing to make, however. A dedicated GT-R lover probably won't care, but this is no 911 when it comes to comfort.
Quietness Tire noise is substantial in the GT-R. It's loud enough on some roads to require a raised voice. In fact, the GT-R doesn?t make many pleasant sounds. But no one is buying it for the sounds.
Ergonomics All critical controls related to driving are well placed. The shift paddles don't turn with the wheel, but are large enough to serve the driver well in most instances. HVAC and audio interfaces offer an abundance of knobs.
Visibility Although the GT-R doesn't sacrifice visibility in the name of style, it's still not easy to see out of. Rear-quarter visibility requires heavy use of the side mirrors. The view out the front of the cars is very good which makes it easy to place.
Seat Access & Space Front-seat access and space is very good. Rear-seat access and space are miserable. This car wasn't meant to carry four people and the rear seats are an afterthought.
Cargo & Storage Like most supercars, this one has limited cargo space. Sure, there's a rear trunk with enough space for several average-size soft bags. It's plenty for two people on a weekend trip. Interior utility is compromised, however. No small-items tray.
Build Quality One gets the sense that the GT-R is screwed together quite well. It's a solid machine which uses pleasant materials inside. We experienced no squeaks or rattles.

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