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2017 Lincoln Continental Long-Term Road Test

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2017 Lincoln Continental: Monthly Update for October 2017

by Rex Tokeshi-Torres, Vehicle Testing Technician

2017 Lincoln Continental

Where Did We Drive It?
A weekend road trip to Bishop, California, and many local commutes made up the majority of our October travels in our 2017 Lincoln Continental. While the trip up north helped continue the upward mpg trend for the Lincoln, the commutes around town leveled things out. We had only two fills that did better than 21 mpg. The other five fill-ups fell below our lifetime average for the Continental.

Now that we've had enough time to play around with and experience the Continental, we couldn't help but begin comparing it to newer vehicles. Senior Road Test Engineer Jay Kavanagh, fresh from his Maryland trip to drive the all-new 2018 Honda Accord, made a few keen observations about the Lincoln's interior relative to the new Accord's.

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2017 Lincoln Continental: Monthly Update for September 2017

by Dan Frio, Automotive Editor

2017 Lincoln Continental

Where Did We Drive It?
Nothing like a good road trip to boost a long-term car's average fuel mileage, and writer Will Kaufman can take credit for our 2017 Lincoln Continental's upward trend lines in September. After 1,000-plus miles in the saddle, Will got the Continental to display some of its best behavior, turning in improved lifetime fuel economy and nearly matching the car's most efficient tank.

While fuel economy is a bright spot, other gremlins are emerging. We're noticing some low-speed shift shock from the transmission, a condition we never expected from this car, especially given some of the competition that the Lincoln wants to run with. Will also documented some peculiarities with the seats and some flimsy build quality.

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2017 Lincoln Continental vs. 2017 Genesis G90: Comparing Our Big Luxury Cars

by Will Kaufman, Associate Automotive Editor

2017 Lincoln Continental vs. 2017 Genesis G90

Our long-term 2017 Genesis G90 and 2017 Lincoln Continental are philosophically very different but physically very similar. Both are large, all-wheel-drive luxury sedans powered by turbocharged six-cylinder engines that cost about $70,000. They also accelerate from zero to 60 mph in about 5.5 seconds and have neat-looking machined grilles for their premium speakers.

Heritage is where they start to diverge. The G90 is an all-new car with a new nameplate from a new company. Hyundai spun Genesis off into its own brand less than two years ago. Meanwhile, the Continental is a revival of a nameplate that dates back to before World War II, from a brand that's celebrating its 100th birthday.

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2017 Lincoln Continental: Introduction

by Ed Hellwig, Executive Editor on January 12, 2017

2017 Lincoln Continental

What Did We Buy?
Over the last couple of decades, many of Lincoln's products have been modestly upgraded Fords. Sure, the Lincolns had different names and a few unique features, but even the most casual shopper could tell that a Navigator was just a fancy Expedition or the MKZ was a Ford Fusion in different clothes.

The new 2017 Lincoln Continental doesn't follow that formula. It not only revives a classic name, it gets Lincoln back into the game of making its own unique cars again.

More importantly, the Continental is the kind of car that Lincoln built its reputation on. It's a big, powerful sedan, but it's not trying to be a better BMW. The ride is forgiving, the cabin is quiet, and there's plenty of passenger room in every direction. It has plenty of modern technology, too, all of which we intend to test over the next 12 months.

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