Monthly Update for July 2017 - 2017 Lincoln Continental

2017 Lincoln Continental: Monthly Update for July 2017

by Ronald Montoya, Senior Consumer Advice Editor

Where Did We Drive It?
Our 2017 Lincoln Continental stretched its legs a bit in July on a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back. We also drove it on plenty of local trips, including jaunts to the beach and of course daily commutes. In July, our editors noted the Continental's level of seat comfort along with its powerful engine and useful adaptive cruise control.

Our Continental also faced off against the Genesis G90 in a head-to-head comparison test to see which car delivers the most bang for the buck at a similar price point.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
All the highway driving in July yielded three fill-ups just above 20 mpg. Two other fill-ups were a tick higher than our lifetime mpg. This helped raise our lifetime average from 16.4 mpg in June to 16.9 now. However, this is still well below the EPA's combined rating of 19 mpg.

We've been alternating between regular and 91 octane fuel as editor Carlos Lago mentioned last month. This month, there was an even split of four fill-ups apiece on 87 and 91 octane. Three of the 20 mpg tanks were on 91 octane, but we have hit the same numbers on 87 octane in the past. There's not enough evidence to declare a winner.

Average lifetime mpg: 16.9
EPA mpg rating: 19 combined (16 city/24 highway)
Best fill mpg: 23.8
Best range: 381.2 miles
Current odometer: 8,586 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

2017 Lincoln Continental

"What's with these seats? Nine zillion adjustments and no combination that works for me. Why not just make a good seat? I ended up repeatedly turning on the massage function just to move the pressure point around. These seats are an answer to a question nobody asked." — Jason Kavanagh, senior road test engineer

"On my commute home yesterday, I finally made peace with the Lincoln's 30-way power-adjustable seats. Having fiddled with the controls over the course of several days, I managed to find a position that was more than just OK. It was downright comfortable.

"But I didn't save it in the seat memory. And this morning I had the car washed. And they moved the seat. Oh well, what's a few more days of playing with the 14 buttons on the seat control panel and five settings in the touchscreen?" — Will Kaufman, associate staff writer

"The Continental rides softly (maybe a touch too soft) but it's a better-resolved execution than, say, the Kia K900 or Genesis G90. That said, this car won't be prying German car aficionados out of their rides. It's too isolated and the interior design is halfhearted. Who ticked the box for the miles-o'-fake-chrome option?" — Jason Kavanagh

2017 Lincoln Continental

"To give you an idea of the depth of the water Lincoln has jumped into with a roughly $70K sedan, you can buy an Audi S6 for that price. You can also have your choice of a Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG 4Matic or a BMW 540i sDrive. Even a Chrysler 300S with a V8 is under $40K. I think Lincoln's gonna need a bigger boat." — Kurt Niebuhr, photo editor

"I rely a lot on the Lincoln's adaptive cruise control in stop-and-go traffic. The fact that it will come to a stop and then go again is a big plus, but it's a less sophisticated system than some other cars at this price point.

"This morning, while navigating a medium curve on the 405 freeway with a clear space of several hundred feet (an L.A. miracle!) in front of me, the ACC slammed on the brakes. I think it decided that I was about to run into the car in the next lane over.

"It's another example of one of the difficulties of our Lincoln's pricing: It comes with a lot of great content, but similar equipment on similarly priced luxury cars is often more refined. Sure, it starts at $45K, which is much less than its competitors, but at $72K you can get driver aids from any of the German Three that just blow the Continental's out of the water." — Will Kaufman

"No qualms about the power delivery. It has ample shove from pretty much anywhere on the tach and responds promptly. Smooth, too. Good passing power that's stealthy." — Jason Kavanagh

2017 Lincoln Continental

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