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2017 Land Rover Discovery: Monthly Update for February 2018

by Brent Romans, Senior Editor

2017 Land Rover Discovery

Where Did We Drive It?
Expectation: Land Rover's website grandly displays pictures of its Discovery charging across majestic rocky terrain in search of adventure and fun.

Reality: I can personally attest to doing little more in our 2017 Discovery this month than driving to work and taking my kids to school while listening to sports talk radio sipping a Starbucks flat white. Adventure is all about where you find it, I guess.

Still, as an urban adventure vehicle, the Discovery works out well. Here's the latest report on what we love and what we don't.

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2017 Land Rover Discovery: Monthly Update for January 2018

by Rex Tokeshi-Torres, Vehicle Testing Technician

2017 Land Rover Discovery

Where Did We Drive It?
Normal is the new normal. After lengthy road trip adventures in its first couple of months, our 2017 Land Rover Discovery settled into regular commuting duties in January. Not that normal is a bad thing. Now we get to see how it handles the cyclic, everyday routine of our editorial team.

The second or third month of ownership is typically when a new car's glitz and glamour starts to wear off and owners start nitpicking things. We're no different, and we began to notice little annoyances and quirks with our Discovery last month. A gremlin also reared its ugly head. Was it just a minor glitch? We intended to find out.

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2017 Land Rover Discovery: Monthly Update for November 2017

by Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing

2017 Land Rover Discovery

Where Did We Drive It?
You're in luck. This 2017 Land Rover Discovery update contains bonus material. Our new Disco arrived just after October's midpoint, so we decided to save the late October impressions and roll them into November's update. You're getting six weeks for the price of four. Such a deal.

Even with that in mind, we're still surprised at the miles our new Land Rover has accumulated. The final November gas station visit occurred on the 27th of the month and the odometer was already showing 5,718 miles.

A look at the logbook shows why. One of our editors had driven the Discovery to Yosemite National Park. Another loaded it with dogs and gear and took it on a duck hunting trip. And I've piloted it to Oregon and back to see family in two parts of the state. Add in the usual commuting and that big number makes more sense.

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2017 Land Rover Discovery: Introduction

by Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer

2017 Land Rover Discovery

What Did We Get?
The Land Rover Discovery has been a go-to choice for adventurers, or people who want to appear adventurous, for decades. The boxy vehicle has been popular everywhere from Beverly Hills to the Masai Mara, but its shape hasn't quite won everyone over.

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery received a full redesign that smoothed over some of the hard edges of its predecessors (renamed the LR3 and LR4 in the U.S.). It no longer looks like a kitchen appliance, thanks to a tapered nose and graceful body sculpting. The redesign should give it some added appeal for shoppers new to the brand, but die-hard Discovery fans shouldn't fear that it's lost any of its off-road credentials. Land Rover claims the 2017 Discovery is even more capable than before.

We intend to test that claim by driving one for a year in a variety of circumstances. From commuter duty to hard-core off-road adventures, our long-term Discovery will see a little bit of everything during its first 20,000 miles. By the end of the year, we'll have a good idea whether or not it lives up to its reputation as a tough but sophisticated SUV.

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