Monthly Update for June 2018 - 2017 Land Rover Discovery Long-Term Road Test

2017 Land Rover Discovery Long-Term Road Test

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2017 Land Rover Discovery: Monthly Update for June 2018

by Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer

Where Did We Drive It?
For a good portion of June, our long-term 2017 Land Rover Discovery spent time with some of our Edmunds colleagues outside of the editorial team. But while we had the keys, we took it in for a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment. The most notable thing about that visit was the price; it set us back almost $600. Ouch.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?
The Discovery logged about 1,031 miles in June and used 70.49 gallons of premium unleaded. That figures to 14.6 mpg, which is lower than our lifetime average as well as EPA estimates for combined and city driving. At the end of the month, that dropped our lifetime average by 0.2 mpg.

Average lifetime mpg: 16.1
EPA mpg rating: 18 combined (16 city/21 highway)
Best fill mpg: 21.3
Best range: 449.9 miles
Current odometer: 17,249 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep
"We took the Discovery in to Hornburg Land Rover with a list of to-dos. Come to find out, the dealer had even more items on its list. First came our concerns. The driver-side A/C only blew hot air and the rear hatch was misaligned. The former was a broken temperature control sensor and the latter was sublet to a body shop for adjustment. Both fell under warranty.

"Then came the additional recalls. N135 required an update to the chassis control module. N151 reprogrammed the HVAC control module and, we're told, was unrelated to our failure. These too were warranty fixes.

"Finally came the scheduled 16,000-mile service. It included nine quarts of oil ($143), an oil filter ($45), a cabin air filter ($78) and more labor and inspections than you can shake a stick at ($336). Add the oil disposal fee and taxes, subtract a mystery 'insurance' credit, and you get our grand total of $598.75. Our best guess is that they realized the car was OEM-owned and cut us a break on the taxes. But this was still incredibly expensive." — Mike Schmidt, vehicle testing manager

Logbook Highlights

"When the transmission is cold, the shifts can be harsh. I was leaving the office parking garage, accelerated gently up the ramp and took a left onto the street. Fewer than 50 meters away from the ramp, I needed to slow for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. I happened to do this (e.g., lift off the throttle) just as the Discovery wanted to upshift. Bam. Wow, that was a seriously hard shift. So hard in fact that I looked in the mirror to be doubly certain I didn't get a love tap from a car behind me. After that, the shifts were fine. I have noticed a sporadic hard shift when cold a few other times too, but this one was easily the most noticeable." — Jay Kavanagh, senior road test engineer

Cargo Space
"It seems like the fold-down inside tailgate — a little shelf that you could sit on or rest drinks on if you were tailgating — is kind of a cool trick, but I wonder ultimately how much anyone will use it. Seems like one of those complexities that doesn't add much value." — Kathleen Clonts, copy chief

"The interior of the Discovery is nicer than my apartment, and about as roomy. I also had the fastest phone pairing ever in a car. But as an urbanite, it's not a vehicle I'd want to drive every day. Its heft and size make it a challenge to maneuver down tight side streets, and it doesn't feel fast enough to make the quick moves you sometimes need to make in city driving.

"To top it off, I was paranoid about parking it in my tight apartment garage (next to a neighbor who can't keep his Camry inside the lines) and decided even with the Disco at its lowest ride height, it wasn't worth the stress of finding out if it would fit." — Kathleen Clonts

2017 Land Rover Discovery

"I opened the rear hatch of the Discovery today and discovered that the door was rubbing on all four corners. We'll have the alignment checked at our next service appointment." — Mike Schmidt

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