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My second Rodeo, just as great!!

Melanie, 08/03/2008
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This is my second Rodeo. My first was a 2002 LS. I never had any problem with it. Another driver hit me and I think I would have been killed if I were not in my Rodeo. So I bought another one with the insurance money. This one is newer and has the 3.5L engine, the gray trim, upgraded sound and fog lights. I love it even more than my old one. It has great pick up, great interior. I love the controls for the stereo on the steering wheel. The price was great and it is in perfect condition. I know it will last forever too. My old one never had any problem. These vehicles are such great quality and value and low maintenance that I can't understand why Isuzu quit making them. I love mine!

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Da Bugga is Cherry

Miki'ala, 11/08/2005
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I've had my Rodeo for little over a year now and I'm pretty happy with it. For some reason my buttons on my steering wheel don't work as well as another Rodeo that we had test drove, but oh well. I think the exterior is definitely nice and if you throw some tires on and give it maybe a slight lift, the Isuzu Rodeo is a sick kick ride. I have to go back and forth on an uphill road and with its 3.5 liter V6, it doesn't disappoint. I love driving my Rodeo, although I may turn it in for a smaller car : (

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Love the Rodeo..... Almost

Ryan, 10/31/2006
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I love almost everything about the 2004 Direct Injection Rodeo, except for the fuel injection problem that I have had in BOTH 2004 Rodeos I have had. It sometimes wants to hesitate during my first acceleration of the day, but then performs fine. I can't seem to find anyone else that has had this problem, but I have experienced it in both Rodeo's that I have had.

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Just what the doctor ordered

columbia rodeo, 06/28/2007
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For me, with a towing package, this is the ideal suv for the money. I don't know where you can find an equal value in today's market. To date, other than oil changes, I've only replaced the drive belt and tires. This is my 4th Isuzu since the mid 80s, I average about 120k mi/truck between purchases. With routine attention to maintenance they've all been reliable rides. Like many others on this site I can not understand the low ratings from editors. I'd like to see Isuzu revive the Trooper and Rodeo in the US soon.

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Good Except For A Few Issues

islndgrl, 04/04/2012
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My overall experience with this vehicle was okay. I bought it in 2006 at 46,000 miles. No major problems, had its regular oil changes and tune ups. At about 76,000 plus miles i started to notice stability issues, especially on express ways, it easily tilt in the wind, i thought that it was me but was confirm with other folks driving. At 100,000 plus miles the car making sharp left or right turns, or stopping on ramp or hills in traffic, would just shut off without warning. At 117,000 miles the car was totaled, with my son driving, he was able to walk away from it, i must say looking at the vehicle, you would not have believe that he would. The body on this vehicle is made very well... :)

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Served me well despite issues...

denmar68, 12/30/2010
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I purchased my '04 Rodeo in Oct. 2006 with 22K miles on it. Four years later, it now has 86K on it. The only cons are the "check engine" light going on and off sporadically for no apparent reason, the car has problems starting maybe once a month (but it always starts), the gas mileage is not very good, and I've had to replace the battery once. I love the style of the exterior, but the interior is plain, basic and cheap looking. It has plenty of room for me and it will haul alot of stuff. My fiance does all the maintenance work on it and it's been overall, a pretty nice car.

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Wonderful vehicle/fun to drive

Ray's baby, 10/07/2004
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My wife and I just returned from a 8,500 mile, 17 state road trip. We were looking for a midsize SUV that looks good and performs well. We noticed a lot of SUV's on the road and especially many Isuzu Rodeo's. On arrival home, we looked at and purchased a new 2004 Rodeo. It is a wonderful vehicle. My wife is 5 feet tall and she loves to drive it. We have to draw straws to determine who is going to have the pleasure of driving this vehicle. We love the exterior and interior of this SUV. We have the running boards and roof racks, with spoiler over the rear window. We have driven 3,500 miles so far, our MPG averages 23 long distance, and between 18 and 21 around town. We love the engine power.

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Been Great

Bandit, 08/16/2010
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When I bought this SUV in 2005, I was actually looking for a Nissan Xterra. But I got way more for my money with the Rodeo. It has over 100,000 miles on it now and is just been great! It has the 3.5 direct injection v6 and this has to be the most powerful in it's class. the only problem is it has always used a little oil since dat one, but if you are aware of this and keep an eye on it, it will never cause you grief. Overall,the car is great you won't be disappointed, except by maybe the gas mileage, which is to be expect on any SUV.

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gsxkid, 04/19/2009
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I have the 3.5 direct injected motor. It has plently of power without hurting fuel mileage. My wife drives 85 miles to and from work everyday and it gets 24 mpg. I took it down the 1/4 mile track for fun and it run a 14.88@90 mph. I have taken it camping 1 time I went off road with it; it did great, I even pulled an 07 hummer h3 out of the mud. JUST GREAT SUV.

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Best kept secret

Ridge, 12/27/2003
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My 2003 Isuzu is actually my second. I owned a 2000, which I bought used and it was great, however, I wanted to start with a new one. I think it's a great vehicle, sure it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that some of the more expensive Suv's have, but just enough for me. It handles well in all conditions, and roomy enough for 5 large people. Of course..the outside design is the best..and in my mind is better than all the other Suv's in that size and price range. Thanks Isuzu..great job

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