2012 Honda Civic - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Honda Civic EX-L (1.8L 4-cyl. 5-speed Automatic w/Nav)
Date Driven: 5/3/2011
Performance Not much power or torque from the 1.8-liter four. Plan your passing maneuvers carefully. Five-speed automatic generally shifts smoothly and upshifts quickly, but can become clunky and confused when accelerating after not fully stopping.
Driving Dynamics Electric steering has good weighting. Lots of body roll hampers handling, making the Civic seem larger/heavier than it is; suspension gives good feedback to the driver, though. Brake pedal has firm feel, but panic stops are longish.
Ride Comfort The Civic delivers a very smooth ride, controlling bumps with relative ease. Needs a bit more shock damping for large holes, but overall this is a smooth traveler. Front seats are plush, but nonadjustable lumbar might be too much for some.
Quietness Reasonably quiet for an economy car, keeping the occupants generally isolated from the outside world. Minimal tire flap. Even though the engine isn't revving overly high at freeway speeds, the 4-cylinder can be heard humming at all times.
Ergonomics The two-tiered dash is odd, but having a central tachometer and large digital speedo are good things, even if they're on separate planes. Touchscreen/push-button audio system is confusing and fiddly. Climate control is nice and simple.
Visibility Outward vision is generally pretty good, but the long A-pillars can make looking through corners challenging, even with the additional small window. B- and C-pillars are pretty small and unobtrusive. No back-up camera or parking sonar.
Seat Access & Space Legroom is decent for a compact, front and rear, but headroom will be tight for taller folks. The rear doors could open wider, and rear-seat foot room is poor. It's easy to bump your head into the roof exiting the rear seat.
Cargo & Storage Previous-generation Civic had better cubbies; door pockets are small and center bin is shallow. Cupholders have excellent anti-tip tabs. Trunk is wide but not deep; rear seats fold down, but pass-through is tiny.
Build Quality Lots of hard-touch plastics make the Civic feel like Honda cheaped-out; interesting graining on window sills, though, and 3-spoke steering wheel feels fantastic. Regardless of materials, the Civic seems put together well, inside and out.

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