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2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

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After a yearlong hiatus so that Honda could move its production from Ohio to Japan, the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is back and better than ever. If you're looking for a well-appointed, sporty hybrid sedan, the Accord Hybrid should be at the top of your list.

During its year off the market, the Honda Accord Hybrid received numerous updates, some of which Honda also made to the regular Accord in 2016. These include new interior and exterior features and modified suspension tuning.

The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is a front-wheel-drive, four-door midsize sedan. It's powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, matched with a pair of electric motors that are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack mounted in the trunk. Horsepower output for the hybrid comes in at 212, provided through a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

The electric motor and gasoline engine in the Accord Hybrid partner well, delivering quick acceleration and the best fuel economy in its class. Although we haven't yet tested the Accord Hybrid at the track, our educated guess is that it would go from 0 to 60 mph in a bit over 7 seconds. It gets an EPA-estimated 48 mpg combined (49 city/47 highway).

The 2017 Accord Hybrid sedan comes in three trim levels: base, EX-L and Touring.

Some of the interior components of the Accord Hybrid are determined by trim level, most notably the dashboard. The base trim level has physical audio controls that are upfront and user-friendly, while the two higher trim levels (the EX-L and the Touring) have a touchscreen interface to control audio options, making operation much more complicated than necessary. These controls are made exponentially more difficult when you try to use them while driving. You're better off using the steering wheel controls instead. The infotainment system is still better than those provided by its rivals, but Honda would do the Accord Hybrid a favor by improving it in the future.

The rest of the interior in the Accord Hybrid is simple, high-quality and well designed. The hybrid's interior trim mimics that of the updated 2016 Accord, and visibility is high for all occupants, thanks to a low beltline and slender roof pillars. Travelers in both front and back have plenty of room for legs and shoulders, though the front seats in the Accord Hybrid are not as comfortable as those in other hybrid sedans in its class.

It's no surprise that the new Accord Hybrid is a top pick in its class. If you're shopping for a reliable, responsive hybrid sedan that handles well, let Edmunds help find the best 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid for you.

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