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2017 Genesis G90 Long-Term Road Test

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2017 Genesis G90: Monthly Update for May 2017

by Matt Jones, Senior Consumer Advice Editor

Where Did We Drive It?

Our 2017 Genesis G90 earned its keep in May, as we logged nearly 2,900 miles behind the wheel.

Most of those miles were put on when Senior Road Test Editor Jonathan Elfalan took the G90 up to Northern California to attend an event. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, yours truly added a few hundred miles on a quick drive to Palm Springs while the rest of the month was mostly commuting.

The G90 continues to impress team Edmunds as we become more accustomed to its personality and powertrain. At the same time, this familiarity also makes it tough to overlook some of the vehicle's quirks and shortcomings.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?

With the long drives the G90 took this May, it would make sense to expect that we reached new heights in the world of mpg. But did we? Here are how the numbers shook out.

New bests: We had our longest range, a 414-mile tank that returned a respectable 21.6 mpg. Our overall mpg for the month pulled in just a hair under the combined EPA estimate of 20 as we came in at 19.7 mpg.

All the miles in May boosted our total mpg to a combined 18.8. Before May, we were at 17.9 mpg.

Average lifetime mpg: 18.8
EPA mpg rating: 20 combined (17 city/24 highway)
Best fill mpg: 28.5
Best range: 414 miles
Current odometer: 5,346 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

"The blind-spot monitoring system has a small flaw, and it involves using the momentary turn signal. When changing lanes, if you tap the turn signal, which then signals three times, it'll pick up a car two lanes over as you begin moving over. I haven't experienced this in other cars unless I've left my turn signal on. In this case, the warning is more startling than useful." — Jonathan Elfalan, senior road test editor

2017 Genesis G90

"Although I'm generally partial to the sound and feel of a V8, I wouldn't blame anybody for skipping it in the G90. The twin-turbo V6 in this car is very impressive. It launches it up to highway speeds in a hurry and delivers plenty of passing power at speed as well. I suppose if there were four adults on board you might notice the engine straining a bit, but even then I'm guessing few would notice. I also like the incredibly smooth power delivery and quick shifts from the transmission. Others have dinged the engine for not feeling smooth at higher engine speeds, but it doesn't bother me much, especially since it downshifts pretty quickly with all those gears at its disposal." — Ed Hellwig, senior editor

2017 Genesis G90

"If I'm going to call out Chevy products for the chrome-look steering wheel decal that reflects blinding rays of light into the driver's eyes, then I owe the Genesis the same courtesy.

"But not only was I blinded by the chrome-look wing decal in the wheel: The satin-finish metal-like buttons on the center console also caught the sun in an unfortunate way. They didn't just force me to squint; the reflected light also meant I couldn't see any of the indicator lights in the controls, rendering them temporarily useless." — Will Kaufman, associate automotive editor

2017 Genesis G90

"The G90 makes sense to me. It pulls off the luxury trick of making you feel separate from the world. In the comfortable seat (now my favorite in our LT fleet, handily beating the much more adjustable seats in the Continental) and in the whisper-quiet cabin, you exist in your own little world, and it is a very pleasant place.

"Also, almost everything is entirely intuitive. There was a phone-shaped compartment in the console, so I dropped my phone into it ? and lo and behold it turned out to have Qi charging. I didn't even mind the clicky gear selector — Park is accessed through a button, which takes away the absolute worst aspect of similar setups in other cars. I had no trouble navigating menus or making the car do what I wanted it to do .... until I parked. The parking brake switch is entirely hidden by the steering wheel from a normal position in the driver's seat." — Will Kaufman

"We went to Palm Springs for a quick Memorial holiday weekend getaway and stayed at an old Hollywood glamour hotel called Ingleside Inn. Parked next to the fancy cars of people who came to the hotel for dinner, the G90 looked right at home. Stately, handsome and massive, the G90 belonged. Nothing about this land yacht said 'outsider.'" — Matt Jones, senior consumer advice editor

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