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2017 Genesis G90 Long-Term Road Test

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2017 Genesis G90: Monthly Update for July 2017

by Brent Romans, Senior Editor

Where Did We Drive It?
Vegas, baby! We headed out from our home offices in Los Angeles to Sin City two times this month in our 2017 Genesis G90. Ron Montoya went to check out an Evo fighting game tournament, and Cameron Rogers fired up our big luxury sedan for a weekend of rest and relaxation. Smart guys, Ron and Cameron, since I can think of no better car in our fleet right now for driving multiple hours on the highway.

You'll find their comments interspersed among more general observations from the rest of the team this month. Overall, it would seem that our 2017 Genesis is continuing to earn praise as we steam past 9,000 miles on the odometer.

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?

Despite our long highway drives, our G90 did not post any new fuel economy bests this month. Then again, the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas is not exactly conducive for conserving fuel. Drivers are more interested in speed and getting to Vegas (or back home) as quickly as possible. Below are our latest totals, but you can also find specific commentary about Cameron's Vegas drive further below.

Average lifetime mpg: 18.8
EPA mpg rating: 20 combined (17 city/24 highway)
Best fill mpg: 28.5
Best range: 413 miles
Current odometer: 9,225 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

"Prior to driving our G90, I didn't think I would like the V6. 'Don't you need a V8 to get the luxury character that Genesis is trying to go for?' Nope. Even though the G90 is a big car, I found the turbocharged V6 to be plenty powerful." — Cavin Kim, road test editor

2017 Genesis G90

"We had the Genesis packed to the gills for our Las Vegas trip: four occupants, luggage and several bags of provisions. I wasn't concerned about setting a fuel economy record considering the full trunk and three additional passengers, so I didn't feel guilty dialing in a high cruising speed and blasting the tri-zone climate control to shield us from the 110-degree exterior temperature. Even so, I kept the adaptive cruise control on most of the time to see if I could hit a decent highway number.

"The G90 achieved 22.7 mpg from our starting point in Brea, California, to Las Vegas, with a few miles of city driving thrown in before we left Sin City. This wasn't far off the EPA's highway rating of 24 mpg. I thought it was reasonable given the above circumstances and the uphill grade. We beat this estimate on the way back, with a respectable 25.9 mpg. Overall fuel economy for my trip was 24.2 mpg." — Cameron Rogers, staff writer

"On my trip to Las Vegas, my passengers praised the G90's comfortable ride and tomb-silent cabin. The power-retractable side and rear shades helped keep the backseat occupants cool, as did the tri-zone climate control. They didn't enjoy the ventilated seats that my fiancée and I did, however. You can get them on the G90, but only on the V8-powered model." — Cameron Rogers

"During a recent heat spell, I turned on the ventilated seats in our Genesis G90 to help cool off. But I wasn't impressed with the result. I could hear the slightest hum coming from the seats, but after the initial cooling from the fans, they petered out. In a luxury vehicle, I'd expect more." — Travis Langness, staff writer

"There's an auto recirculation feature in the climate control but I'd hate to see what it takes to trigger it into activating. While I was stuck in traffic (shocker!) I figured I'd give it a whirl and turned off the standard recirc only to get a big whiff of every diesel truck in the vicinity. Not only did diesel stink make it through but so did cigarette smoke, medicinal vapors and everything remotely catalytically challenged. I think I even got a whiff of someone's cologne. Ugh." — Kurt Niebuhr, photo editor

"I took the G90 to Vegas to watch the 2017 Evo fighting game tournament with three friends. We fit three carry-on suitcases, a duffel bag, two backpacks and a fight stick (so that we could have our own tournament) in the trunk. This big luxury sedan took us down the road with confidence. My passengers in the back seat were probably the most comfortable since they had a sunshade to shield them from the 112-degree heat that weekend. Overall, the G90 was a great car both for the chauffeur and the coddled passengers in the back." — Ron Montoya, senior writer

2017 Genesis G90

"While the G90 was impressive overall, there was one feature that annoyed me to no end. I used adaptive cruise control extensively and its wonky calibration made me yearn for standard cruise control. The G90 was too quick to react to the vehicle in front moving out of my lane. It would downshift and tap into the twin-turbo V6's deep well of thrust, rocketing forward.

"But often there was another car right ahead, and the G90 would hit the brakes when the second car entered its range. We were basically pinned to the seat in one instant and felt the force of the brakes the next. I later learned that not only can you select standard cruise (by holding the set distance button for 2 seconds) but you can also alter the adaptive cruise control reaction settings. Somebody had set the response to Fast, which explained why the car was so quick to snap forward. I subsequently changed it to Normal, but I wish I would have checked these settings beforehand." — Cameron Rogers

"The G90 is a big vehicle, and it has a feature I wish more large vehicles had: a forward-facing camera for parking. In a perfect world, all drivers would be able to accurately estimate the distance between their front bumper and the bumper of the parked vehicle ahead of them, but that's not happening. To see such an inclusion on the Genesis is welcome. And although I think I'm pretty good at parallel parking and usually won't tap the car ahead of me while parking, the forward-facing camera helped me park more quickly than I would have on my own." — Matt Jones, senior writer

"I'm a fan of the G90's default drive mode, called Smart. The mode sits in between Eco and Sport. It aims to strike a balance between the two, or as the company describes it: 'The Smart Shift mode was developed with Genesis proprietary AI technology that detects driving information, analyzes driving patterns and then automatically optimizes the driving mode in real time for a truly adaptive driving experience.' I can't tell if it's truly adapting to what I'm doing, but it has neither the dead pedal feel of Eco nor the darty aggressiveness of Sport." — Ron Montoya

"I give the G90 huge credit for the implementation of its wireless charging pad. The storage compartment just ahead of the shifter is a natural place to set your phone, so the fact that there happens to be a charging pad at the bottom of it is brilliant. That's the way technology should work. On the other hand, I've found that the actual charging technology still needs some improvement. It works, but very slowly. My S7 with no case on it gets extremely hot after about 15 minutes on the pad. Makes me wonder if it's ultimately degrading the battery. Still, it's a nice feature to have for those times when you forget a cord, so I'm glad it's there as an option." — Ed Hellwig, senior editor

Cargo Space
"The G90 proved to be a good choice for my trip to Las Vegas, but some planning was required to make the trip smooth. We were only staying for two nights, but my group of four tends to overpack. I encouraged my passengers to fit their possessions into bags that could be easily manipulated rather than rigid suitcases. The G90 has a large trunk, but max capacity is nowhere near what you'd get in a crossover, where you can stack luggage to the roof if you absolutely need to." — Cameron Rogers

2017 Genesis G90

"Has anyone used the hands-free trunk release? You just swipe your foot around underneath the rear bumper, and provided the car is locked and you have the key on your person, the car will beep and then the trunk will open automatically. It works really well on the G90, and you don't have to excessively wave your foot around like you're shooing away an animal." — Calvin Kim

"After driving a bunch of compacts recently, it felt great to get into a full-size sedan. Yes, they're harder to park and they do use more fuel, but you can stretch out and enjoy the peace and quiet. The G90 is one of the few cars where I don't mind a little bit of traffic." — Calvin Kim

2017 Genesis G90

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