Monthly Update for April 2017 - 2017 Genesis G90

2017 Genesis G90: Monthly Update for April 2017

by Jonathan Elfalan, Senior Road Test Editor

Where Did We Drive It?

There were a few long weekend drives logged in our 2017 Genesis G90, but the big event for the month involved a drive out to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, one morning and running it through Edmunds' instrumented testing regimen.

The G90 impresses with its road comfort, extremely well equipped cabin and the low-end torque that pours out of its twin-turbo V6 engine, a characteristic that makes us wonder why Genesis bothers offering a V8. But we always want to qualify our driver-seat perceptions with data to see how a car stacks up against its competition.

Unsurprisingly, this Genesis is as quick as it feels, and it holds its own against comparably powered European offerings — it breaks 60 mph from a standstill in under 5.5 seconds. We won't spoil the full results that'll come in a "Performance Tested" post soon.

2017 Genesis G90

What Kind of Fuel Economy Did It Get?

April was a weird fuel economy month for the Genesis — we logged both our two best and two worst tanks since receiving the G90 just a couple months ago. The low-mileage tanks outweigh the frugal tanks, however, which drags the G90's lifetime average down to 17.7 mpg from 18.6 mpg. And this doesn't even include the 10.5-mpg tank we threw out following a taxing performance shakedown of the G90 at the track.

The tank fill that's perhaps most baffling is the one after our 116-mile evaluation loop, which involves a mix of city, mountain and highway driving. After double-checking our fill records, we came back with a tank average of 28.5 mpg. This is significantly higher than the next best tank at 21 mpg, and could've been the result of a short fill.* We're reserving judgment until we have more tanks under our belt.

Average lifetime mpg: 17.7
EPA mpg rating: 20 combined (17 city/24 highway)
Best fill mpg: 28.5*
Best range: 366.4 miles
Current odometer: 2,520 miles

Maintenance and Upkeep

Logbook Highlights

2017 Genesis G90


"The G90's powertrain takes a few beats to put the power down, especially when you aren't in Sport mode. Languid transmission shifts and turbo boost delays are the prime contributors. But when the stars align and you're in the right gear at the right time, throttle response is responsive while the all-wheel-drive system quickly and seamlessly transfers power to the axle that needs it." — Calvin Kim, road test editor

"The suspension does good work; it's hard to upset this large chassis even driving on rough city streets and expansion-joint filled highways. It maintains composure over large and hard-edged bumps in the road, and keeps the cabin fairly level and the passengers isolated." — Calvin Kim


"I love me some power-adjustable rear seats. They are the ultimate example of placing a high priority on passenger comfort. Unfortunately for our G90, we would have had to upgrade to the 5.0-liter V8 to get them. There's no way to get adjustable and ventilated rear seats with the smaller engine. It seems strange that Genesis would tie features to a trim, especially one that also includes an entirely different engine. Kia already figured it out with the K900; it can be equipped with nearly the same level of content regardless of the engine. And, yes, that means you can get adjustable, ventilated rear seats with the V6." — Cameron Rogers, associate editor

"Comparing fuel economy estimates within the class, one thing I noticed that is absent in our G90 is an auto stop-start function. Although this usually helps boost the city mpg value, I'm typically not a fan of these systems because they usually delay a car's response off the line and make my mechanically sympathetic heart cringe with the high frequencies of restarts. So not having to shut that feature off every time I fire up the engine is a luxury in itself." — Jonathan Elfalan, senior road test editor


"Well-executed controls and buttons are important in helping the driver control ancillary systems without getting too distracted, and the G90's are easy to access, well-spaced and clearly labeled for easy location, day or night. It's a small detail, but to be able to get acquainted with a car's systems within the first 30 seconds makes for a pleasant experience." — Calvin Kim

2017 Genesis G90

"The flip-lid bin allocated for wireless charging and the USB charge port won't close if you have your phone plugged in, even if it's the smaller iPhone 5. This missed opportunity could've been a slick feature ... shame." — Jonathan Elfalan

2017 Genesis G90

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