2012 Ford Taurus - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Ford Taurus Limited (3.5L V6 6-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 12/7/2010 (2011 Limited FWD)
Performance Powertrain is responsive and smooth throughout rev band, with good drivability. The transmission usually selects right gear, unlike many modern cars that hold too high a gear for increased efficiency. Some torque steer during acceleration.
Driving Dynamics Accurate steering, though not enough power assist during parking and yet feels overboosted at high speeds. Long brake pedal travel with a spongy feeling. During spirited driving the large size and mass are apparent.
Ride Comfort A comfortable yet slightly firmer and more controlled ride than some of its competitors like Toyota Avalon. A small amount of chassis vibration is transmitted to the cabin over high-frequency bumps.
Quietness Quiet with respect to wind, road and engine noise. Solid-feeling doors, although heavy, contribute to the quietness.
Ergonomics Controls layout is very good and usability is generally excellent. It takes a bit of time to find controls for the multifunction display below the speedometer. Power-adjustable pedals help shorter drivers achieve a comfortable position.
Visibility High beltline and dashboard hamper visibility to the front and sides. The very tall rear deck blocks rearward visibility, but fortunately a backup camera and rear parking sonar are available and very useful.
Seat Access & Space Good front and rear space with a huge amount of headroom in the front and rear. But the wide front center console combines with the tall dashboard, beltline and rear deck to create a slightly claustrophobic sensation.
Cargo & Storage Huge trunk and 60/40-split fold-down rear seat create flexibility in cargo usage. Adequate interior storage space for a sedan.
Build Quality Surprisingly good build, with straight alignment of panels and consistent gaps. One minor problem was lack of adhesion of the trunk liner material. The feel of the transmission shifter is very solid.

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