2011 Dodge Durango - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Dodge Durango Crew (3.6L V6 FFV AWD 5-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 12/28/2010
Performance The Durango V6 revs slowly below 5,000 rpm, but can hold a gear all the way to 6,300 rpm. The automatic transmission has only five speeds where competitors have at least six. 0-60 mph acceleration is slow at 9.0 seconds.
Driving Dynamics Smooth drivability and shifting from the engine and transmission. There's a great deal of understeer during instrumented performance testing and only moderate amounts in everyday driving. The Durango doesn't feel too big in everyday driving.
Ride Comfort Well-controlled chassis with good impact control and rebound damping. However, the seatbacks are too concave in shape and quite hard -- they're uncomfortable.
Quietness Road and wind noise suppression is sufficient, and engine noise is OK, with room for improvement.
Ergonomics The power tilt and telescoping steering column is very convenient and contributes to a proper driving position. Radio and HVAC switch feel is good, but could be refined.
Visibility Clear front visibility, although the rear pillars are a bit thick and block the view. There's a useful back-up camera plus parking sonar that compensate for the limited rear visibility.
Seat Access & Space The 2nd-row seat has ample headroom and only OK legroom. The 2nd row only reclines and does not slide fore-aft like many competitors.
Cargo & Storage Spacious cargo room with the 3rd row deployed and huge capacity when folded. Built in 12v power outlet, grocery bag hooks and flashlight in the cargo area are a nice touch. The switch for the power back door is also curiously in the cargo area.
Build Quality Greatly improved build quality from Dodge. Straight, consistent straight gaps and decent paint, but some hard plastics are used in the cabin.

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