Our Favorite Caption - 2011 Chevrolet Volt Long-Term Road Test

2011 Chevrolet Volt Long Term Road Test

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2011 Chevrolet Volt: Our Favorite Caption

March 04, 2011


Thanks to breif for this week's favorite caption. Here are the others that gave us a jolt.

Ah, this should pay for a years worth of gas... (tellurium)
Get off of my lawn. (oldchap)
Ohm Sweet Ohm (ergsum)
Does owning a Volt mean you have to live in Watts? (ergsum)
Parked in a red zone??? It's my own driveway! (ahightower)
power sale! (jacton)
How much for the volt? Oh...too much. (fuel_on_fire85)
No charging. Cash only. (breif)
The Volt's "True Cost to Own" (anonimo)
The Volt needs a new ohm... (mrryte)
Electric Currency (ergsum)
Conducting Business (ergsum)
At least the batteries are included with the Volt... (jchan2)
ahh, poor James, the fiancee has currently grounded him (mnorm1)
Ohm my god, Watts that Joule of a Volt cost? (greenpony)
Who sold the electric car? (stpawyfrmdonut)
It's not that easy being green. (teampenske3)

What was your favorite?

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Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

  • Full Review
  • Pricing & Specs
  • Road Tests (4)
  • Comparison (1)
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