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I would NOT buy a chevy to say my life!!!! Mostly their vans!

ssmee7, 05/01/2012
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We have a 2000 Chevy venture mini van. Biggest pile of junk I've ever owned! Right after the warranty went out so did the gas gauge! Over $600 to fix it! It was a problem with ALL this model no matter if it was a chev or other GM! Then the power sliding door. Then the power windows, then the rear washer! Then a screw in the head liner over your head fell out some how and just rolls around and around! Nothing but problems with this van! If I could load it full of C4 and blow it up on YouTube I would do it in a heart beat! DO NOT BUY A GM mini van! You will have nothing but problems and the design is horrible! GM will do NOTHING to fix their problems!

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contrary to other reviews I love my van.

flaGSmom, 04/23/2009
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I have read so many horrible reviews and I know the posters aren't lying but I absolutely love my van it so roomy and loaded with great features of course I have all the service records and this vehicle has been very well maintained and has only 60,000 miles, we keep a close eye on the intake just in case though and DH is mechanically inclined so it won't end up being a major issue of course its used and we expect that we will have to replace things the key is do it before it breaks and it doesn't end up in a dominoe effect like so many have stated I honestly never thought I was the minivan type but I love this van and I am a believer now

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evehowell, 02/05/2013
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LS my butt!!! I bought mine used 4 or 5 yrs ago, for $3,600. I have sunk more money into it then it is worth!! The automatic sliding door won't work right, the heat sucks real bad, the a/c stopped working a month after I bought it, I have had issues with the struts, brakes, ball barrings, anti-freeze leaks, anti-lock brakes, hard time starting this year after it has been driving, window not working now, my serpentine beat just fell off and a Head Gasket is leaking!!!!! Not putting any more money into it!!! only had 145,000miles!!! I drove two Plymouth Voyagers well past 200,000mi before losing them! Never again will I buy Chevy.

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2000 Venture Plus Ext.

big_daddy, 05/08/2002
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Reliable, decent fuel mileage and very practical.

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Bad car

Dan.G, 11/14/2008
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I can"t beleive it was built by GM. I've always had Chevys but this is the last! Foreign next. Bought it at 137'000 klms for a good price privately. The first drive to license it the fuel pump went. The very next time driving at night the headlights flickered, had to change the alternator. The power door locks don't work either, rear window wiper too, evap sensor on the gas tank, then the wipers stay in the up position when they're off, and the last is the airbag light is on as well. I only have 140,000 on it now, just waiting for the intake gasket to leak now. Oh also the blower motor resistor went and only have heat in high.

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WB Mama, 10/05/2002
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We bought our Warner Bros Venture new, and after more than 2 years of driving it, we continue to love it. I have become very possessive of my WB and won't even let my husband drive it because its "my car." That doesn't bother my husband much anyway, because he'd rather sit in the back and watch movies with my son than drive. The car is great for long trips; the kids and hubby just sit in the back and stay happy watching movies or listening to CDs. That leaves me the peace I need to drive. A wonderful family car!!! Have had to return the car twice for recalls about the passenger sliding door, but it appears to be working well now.

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Great vehicle, but we've had problems

duraflex, 05/09/2006
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I have owned 5 GM cars over the last 25 years and although I generally like the Venture, it has failures I've never had experienced before. The two biggest have been the head gasket issue on the 3.1L engine (almost $600) and now the A/C has died which will cost another $600-$800. These 2 items seem like common problems on this van. The negatives are the big servicing issues. I don't expect this from a GM product. I really hate to say this but it will make me question whether to buy GM in the future.

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Best van I have owned

odinoakin71, 02/06/2012
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Bought my Venture in 2006 with 88,000 miles. Have had zero issues. Change the oil every 3,000 miles. Van now has 167,000 miles and I drive it everyday.

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Better value than the most popular van

Rat, 05/10/2002
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More features for the same price of a Dodge. Bigger engine with more power and better gas mileage. We average between the high 24's to the high 25's. That is city and freeway combined. It is well into the 30's and 40's on the freeway. We like the overhead computer to keep track of these things. The Venture is very quiet, comfortable and handles well. We would like to buy a 2002 next. The only thing I would add is a tach.

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nanci, 03/08/2009
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We bought this van with 69,000 miles on it. We were only looking for a few years out of it and then we would buy something new. After several weeks of driving, we started hearing a high pitched squeal.My husband thought it was a belt so he put some belt dressing on it. Long story short.. our very trusted mechanic told us it needed $1800. worth of work. Intake manifold gasket, fuel pump, AC?? (don't remember the exact word) We put the money into it since we didn't have a warranty. Now, the transmission is slipping! Incredible!! Should have forked over more money to begin with and bought foreign. Oh, and I should also mention the back quarter panels are rusting faster than a speeding bullet!

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