2010 Chevrolet Traverse - Edmunds Ratings

2010 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ (3.6L V6 6-speed Automatic)
Date Driven:
Performance Ample power from the V6, but the transmission constantly seeks a high gear in search of fuel economy and is reluctant to downshift. Luckily, the lever has a manual-shift button. Reasonably powerful brakes offer good feel and fade resistance.
Driving Dynamics The fact that the Traverse is one of the largest in its class makes the handling/roadholding pretty commendable. Electronic stability control keeps the Traverse 'safe-as-houses' but doesn't intrude overmuch.
Ride Comfort Chevy has ride comfort nailed in the Traverse. It favors compliance over control but manages to do so without being 'floaty'. Larger, optional wheels/tires only detract slightly from comfort.
Quietness With the exception occasional noise coming from the shock towers, the Traverse is a quiet and 'tight' vehicle. Both road and wind noise are well within acceptable levels.
Ergonomics Most controls are within easy reach and are intuitive, yet overall design includes too many small buttons and too few knobs.
Visibility Typical, large SUV outward visibility can be enhanced with a back-up camera displayed on either the rearview mirror or navigation screen if so equipped.
Seat Access & Space Among the largest crossover SUVs available, the three-row Traverse scores highly on interior space and is highly configurable as either a seven- or eight-passenger family hauler. Access to the rearmost seats is quite good.
Cargo & Storage Clearly one of the largest interiors in its segment. With over 116 cu-ft of total cargo capacity, the Traverse even outdoes Chevy's own Tahoe in terms of ultimate size.
Build Quality Some interior materials aren't as agreeable as those in the competition. There's still a sense of plastic awareness in the Traverse which isn't present in other SUVs in this segment.
Towing Capable of towing light loads, the Traverse is rated for 5,200 pounds.
Off-Road Available all-wheel drive and 7 inches of ground clearance will meet most customers' expectation for all-weather or soft-road motoring.

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