Carwash Defeats Wiper - 2008 BMW X5 Long-Term Road Test

2008 BMW X5: Carwash Defeats Wiper

November 10, 2008

wiper before 555.jpg

It's the automotive equivalent of Rock-Paper-Scissors, and it goes like this: Wiper defeats Rain, Rain defeats Carwash and, as we recentlyconfirmed with our 2008 BMW X5, Carwash defeats Wiper.

So we picked up what pieces we could find to see if we could humpty-dumpty the thing back together again.

wiper pieces 555.jpg

The key is getting the spring in the right way. Thecoiled end goes in the wiper body and the crook in the straightend must hang down where you can see it easily. Why? You'll soon see.

wiper step 2 555.jpg

Getting to this point is easy, as thepoints to which the spring's hooksattachare hard to miss. All that is required now is a measured application of force; grab onto the wiper and pull hard to the right.

wiper step 3 555.jpg

Almost there...

wiper step 4 555.jpg

Eureka! Note how the crook in the spring hangs down.

wiper step 5 555.jpg

Ifthe spring were positioned any other way, I wouldn't be able to do this without breaking something.

No tools were required. It took me about3 minutes.

The worst part is this: there is a crack in the main pivot shaft (not shown). It looks like it will hold together, but we'll see. And of course the mostobvious piece, the decorative screw cover, is the piece we didn't find at the carwash. Its absence didn't prevent the fix, but now theBMW'shiney is showing a bit of age.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 20,002 miles

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