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Software problems with new electronics
Larry Keller,08/28/2018
Black Edition 4dr SUV AWD (6.0L 12cyl Turbo 8A)
This is our fourth Bentley that we have owned. We purchased a 2018 Bentagya in November 2018. Currently we have 7200 miles on it and this is what we have encountered. This generation of Bentley has a new set of electronics compared to the last three we owned. We do not like this new set of electronics, the car is very unpredictable and not user friendly. We do not feel this is a SUV that you can relax and drive. You need to be attentive to certain situations that can occur. For example every time you turn on the air conditioner and / or heater, you must set your settings each time, (windshield, dash vents, or floor). You need to press more buttons to get the system to work. I have figured out that you need to set up the air system before you start driving due to the time to set up and not looking at the road. The driver door does not close automatically and will cause the parking brake to come on, whenever you stop. See more in other paragraph. Bentley has also designed a shut off mode for the motor, that is on unless you turn it off each time you start the car. If you forget to shut off that button or change modes, watch out. You will go to push the gas at a stoplight and nothing will happen, then about the count of 3, BAMMMMM!!! Your car shoots off thru the light. We have almost rear ended several cars because of this. You go to push the gas and nothing happens, you wonder what happened, and then it starts and rockets off. The front end collision braking system has activated several times on me, and once on my wife, when there was nothing close to the front of the car. When this occurs it almost throws you thru the windshield and makes you nervous each time you see the red light in the dash light up. The biggest problem we have had is the driver door will not shut automatically with the motor all the time. Sometimes it shuts and sometimes it does not. If you restart the car, it will work (electronics). We took it to the dealer; they tried to update the system with a software update. It did not work. Our door still does not close and now they want to order the part to fix it. I think it is more of an electrical problem than part, but we will see. The day before we had the car in for service, I had a low tire light come on, so I asked them to fix it. I was told when I picked up the car that they could not fix the tire because the tread was too low and it was against their policy to fix tires in that tread range. Keep in mind that the car only had 6900 miles on it at that time. So my question is, are the tires on the Bentagya only good for 10,000- 12,000 miles? I guess so. Expect to replace your tires after the first year of driving, due to the cheap tires they are putting on them. This Bentagya is not the SUV that we were hoping for when we purchased it. With what we have encountered so far, I would suggest a Range Rover and save yourself $130,000.
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