Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the company and its Web sites been around?
Edmunds Inc. was founded in 1966 for the purpose of publishing new and used automotive pricing guides to assist automobile buyers. In 1994, before the World Wide Web became mainstream, our new car pricing data was first posted on the Internet through a "gopher site" that was known as "The Electronic Newsstand." This was the first time consumer automotive information had been provided through the Internet. In early 1995, launched as the first automotive information Web site.

Do you still publish pricing guidebooks?
No. In 2006, the 40th year of publication of the Edmunds pricing guides, the company discontinued the books, confident that consumers are better served by getting current car prices and other continuously changing information online. Our advice book,'s Strategies for Smart Car Buyers, is available at most booksellers including

Where does get its data? has relationships with automakers, dealers and a number of auto industry companies, and receives from them data on vehicle transactions, specifications, incentives and other topics of interest daily. In some cases, we have access to special Web sites created by automakers aimed at providing comprehensive vehicle information for their dealerships.'s team of PhDs, statisticians and other experts use much of the data to provide the analysis behind True Market Value® pricing tools, True Cost to Own projections and other useful services.

How often are the Edmunds Web sites updated?
Edmunds strives to ensure its information is timely and accurate. Many areas of our sites are updated daily. Others such as the True Market Value® pricing tools are updated monthly unless market forces drive a need for an immediate change.

How does Edmunds make money?
Edmunds sells advertising to marketers who have contextually relevant messages for site visitors. Also, car-shoppers who visit Edmunds have the opportunity to request price quotes from dealers and providers of insurance, financing and extended warranties. Edmunds is paid by the automakers, dealers and other service providers for the lead referrals.

Are the Edmunds sites free to site visitors?
Yes — and yet the information is invaluable!

How many people work at Edmunds?
Currently, the company has about 400 employees, the majority of which work in the Santa Monica office.

Is the company public or private?, Inc. is a privately held company. As a private company we don't release specific details surrounding our investors.

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