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Advertising Opportunities delivers a depth and breadth of superior, unbiased automotive content to "in-market shoppers", automotive enthusiasts and automotive lifestyle consumers that is unsurpassed. Our vast collection of pricing, ownership costs, vehicle ratings, road tests, future vehicles, community and personalized automotive lifestyle information — have made our site a "must visit" destination for informed automotive consumers.

Our unique integrated environment is rich in both targeting and reach capabilities. provides a breadth of content that attracts a full spectrum of audiences. Young, hip, socially-driven users regularly visit our community/lifestyle areas like Forums. An affluent, well educated, in-market consumers researching information that's credible and authoritative come to our site for pricing and vehicle specification information. also provides substantial reach opportunities, with millions of automotive consumers visiting our properties each month. The opportunity to both target specific consumers as well as deliver to a mass audience makes our site a unique proposition indeed.

Whether you're looking for well-established online advertising placements or customized solutions to specific marketing/sales objectives; let the Edmunds sales/marketing team develop a strategically designed plan that will breakthrough and put your product in front of millions of potential consumers.

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Edmunds HQ | By the Numbers
Company Profile and History
Company Profile and History