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  • $3,395

    2001 Chevrolet Prizm LSi

    102,983 miles
    1 Accident

    Headers Auto Sales - Mishawaka / Indiana

    Located 492 miles away from Ashburn, VA

    Headers Auto Sales always has 100 cars for $3,500 or less and 50 cars for $2,000 or less. Headers also has a huge selection of quality used vehicles f...

    AutoCheck Vehicle History Summary

    Accident Free Vehicle: No

    Accident History: 1 Reported Accident

    Number of Previous Owners: 2 Reported Owners

    Personal Use Only: Yes

    Usage Type: Lease Vehicle

    History Provider: AutoCheck

    Title Details: Clean Title

    Salvage Vehicle: No

    Frame Damage: No

    Theft History: No

    Lemon Status: No

    Free History Report: No

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2001 Chevrolet Prizm LSi with Rear Bench Seats, Fold Flat Rear Seats.
    Engine: 4-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    31 Combined MPG (27 City/37 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    VIN: 1Y1SK52891Z440777
    Stock: 21-855
    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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Consumer Reviews for the Chevrolet Prizm

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5 out of 5 stars
PrizmGurl again
I reviewed the '93 Prizm, but since we have an '02, here I am. We had 2 '02's (both dark blue green metallic) but the stick one was totaled when my dad hit a snowbank after hitting another car with it. It had about 70,000 miles on it and the only non-maintenance mechanical repair it needed was a wiring problem and valves in the evaporation system. We got the stick after the '93 Prizm was taken off the road. The '02's were 3 years old and the stick had just shy of 10,000 miles when we got it in April '05. Our automatic '02 has almost 129,000 miles and according to a local garage, needs a catalytic converter. Previously, all it's had done is maintenance and some evaporation system repair, like vent valve, in terms of mechanical work. It's a little rusty, too. Due to a deer hit and what looked like a previous deer hit (the dents looked the same), both front fender have been replaced. The hood's been replaced, due to ice falling off a truck onto the car. When it was parked one time, someone bumped it and it needed a new light. Even today, if it had an inspection sticker, we'd trust it on a long drive. Some of the miles on the car are mine, as it's the first car I ever drove. This car became my mom's once we had the stick, since she can't drive a stick. We've had almost exactly 16 years, as we got it in late October '01. My mom loves the car and wants a Corolla next. The resemblance between my mom's car and a blue Corolla the same design as '93-'02 Prizms is striking. I have to look at the front, door handles (to see if they're colored) and rear. The front has the symbol, some Corollas have colored door handles and the rear tells the make, model and what the taillights look like. Corollas have red and white in the taillights and Chevy Prizms have red and orange. Geo Prizms have all red taillights, but I haven't seen a Geo Prizm in my area in a few years. Just an occasional Chevy Prizm or Prizm-like Corolla. Today (6-20-18), with a little over 136,000 miles on the odometer, our automatic '02 Chevy Prizm was swapped for a 2016 Corolla. Best Feature Hard to pick one. Maybe reliability, if I absolutely had to. Worst Feature Why did GM and Toyota break up their joint venture so they can't make Prizms anymore? Best little car we've ever had. All of ours, except the stick (didn't get high enough mileage), developed the oil using issue.
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More about the Chevrolet Prizm

Edmunds has 1 used Chevrolet Prizms for sale near you, including a 2001 Prizm LSi Sedan and a 2001 Prizm LSi Sedan ranging in price from $3,395 to $3,395.

How much is the used Chevrolet Prizm?

There are 1 used Chevrolet Prizm vehicles for sale near you, with an average cost of $3,395.
Prices for a used Chevrolet Prizm range from a high of $3,395 to a low of $3,395. Remember that mileage and condition can affect price. Learn more about the Chevrolet Prizm

Is the used Chevrolet Prizm a good car?

The used Chevrolet Prizm received an average score of 4.2 out of 5 based on 229 consumer reviews at Edmunds. If you want to learn more about the Chevrolet Prizm, read Edmunds' expert review. Learn more about the Chevrolet Prizm

Where to buy a used Chevrolet Prizm?

Dealers near you have 1 used Chevrolet Prizm vehicle for sale right now. You can sort available Prizm vehicles by distance to find the vehicles closest to you. Learn more about the Chevrolet Prizm

What to look for when buying a used Chevrolet Prizm?

Price, mileage, and condition are all important factors to consider when buying a used Chevrolet Prizm.
We also recommend reading Edmunds' consumer reviews to find common problems, and paying for an independent inspection to make sure the used Chevrolet Prizm you're buying doesn't have any problems that need addressing. Learn more about the Chevrolet Prizm

How reliable is the Chevrolet Prizm?

Consumer reviews are a great resource for determining how reliable a used Chevrolet Prizm will be.
Out of 229 consumer reviews of the used Chevrolet Prizm available at Edmunds, 4 are one-star reviews. Take a look at those reviews first, as they're most likely to describe reliability issues with the vehicle. Learn more about the Chevrolet Prizm


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