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Consumers Review the Chevrolet Prizm

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My First and Best Car
This is a dependable and reliable car if you get one that is in healthy condition. All that is required is regular maintenance. Just remember to change the oil and basically that's all you have to do. This car is extremely low maintenance. Gas mileage is good and there is nothing that went wrong with the engine yet and it has 123,000 miles on it. Just routine stuff is required; I had to change the sensor twice. I had to change the serpentine belt. Just recently the brake hose had a leak and had to be replaced. Changing the sensor was the most expensive thing I had to do for this car. It is very low maintenance and it get's good MPG. It drives like it was purchased from the dealership just last week!! The only real downside I can say is that the interior controls are cheap and the door handles break a lot. The inside door handles are terrible. You have to be careful when opening the doors from the inside. One other downside is the cars pickup speed. It is very slow to gain speed, but after the car picks up the desired speed that you want it cruises right along.
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