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  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Silver
    50,516 miles
    No accidents, 1 Owner, Personal Use


    $508 Below Market
  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Black
    75,379 miles


    $349 Below Market
  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Gray
    80,426 miles
    2 Accidents, 1 Owner, Personal Use


    $463 Below Market
  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Orange
    94,635 miles
    No accidents, 2 Owners, Personal Use


    $267 Below Market
  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Orange
    100,603 miles
    No accidents, 3 Owners, Personal Use


    $399 Below Market
  • 2012 Scion iQ  in White
    90,166 miles
    Frame damage, 1 Owner, Corporate Fleet


  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Gray
    100,780 miles
    No accidents, 1 Owner, Personal Use


  • 2012 Scion iQ  in White
    142,842 miles
    No accidents, 3 Owners, Lease


  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Orange
    72,280 miles
    No accidents, 2 Owners, Personal Use


  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Dark Blue
    38,770 miles
    Delivery Available*


  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Silver
    28,796 miles


  • 2012 Scion iQ  in Dark Blue
    99,807 miles
    No accidents, 4 Owners, Personal Use


  • 2013 Scion iQ  in Black
    30,645 miles
    No accidents, 1 Owner, Corporate Fleet


    $1,299 Below Market
  • 2013 Scion iQ  in Black
    52,795 miles
    No accidents, 3 Owners, Corporate Fleet


    $387 Below Market
  • 2013 Scion iQ  in Black
    43,399 miles
    No accidents, 1 Owner, Lease


    $948 Below Market
  • 2013 Scion iQ  in White
    19,022 miles
    No accidents, 2 Owners, Personal Use


  • 2013 Scion iQ  in Black
    52,241 miles


  • 2013 Scion iQ  in Black
    48,703 miles
    1 Accident, 2 Owners, Lease


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Showing 1 - 18 out of 30 listings

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Impulse buy. I'm very happy with it.
Like A Rock,08/12/2016
2dr Hatchback (1.3L 4cyl CVT)
UPDATE 12 FEB 2018 -- I sold my iQ. I miss it. I bought a pre-owned Toyota Yaris for more backseat and cargo room. Yaris is great but not as refined. The iQ was solid, mostly quiet. Cost of ownership and tires for a Yaris is less. // OLD iQ REVIEW: I bought a pre-owned base model, silver color. The base model still comes nicely equipped with stability and traction control, pw. pdl, great ac, great stereo and speakers, 1 usb, 1 aux, and 1 power port. My base model has hubcaps but I like the way they look over the alloy wheels I've seen on other IQ's. There are pros and cons about this car so I will start with the pros: It is one of the safest cars on the road, has 11 airbags, and drives and handles great. Steering is quick and precise, and it can turn around in a very small space making easy driving in traffic or lots. I don't have any trouble getting to speed on highway on-ramps, or passing vehicles when I need to. The engine is a 1.3L which is plenty big. I'm not going to knock other cars in this class because I have not driven them, but one car that's in the same class, but only has two seats, is sporting an engine almost half the size of the IQ, basically motorcycle size, and I don't think that's viable option for a long term vehicle. The 1.3L engine size has been commonly used around the World and has no issues. I actually belong to a Ford Festiva club in my area and those were made with 1.3L engines back in the 80s and 90s that were less refined than the Toyota IQ engine, and anyone that knows about Festivas they are one of the best basic utility cars ever made and many are still on the road today running like champs (including mine); some with 300k plus on the odo. The Scion IQ doesn't fall short in performance in my opinion. You won't be winning any races up the freeway ramp against bigger engine sports cars but it performs very well and will get you to proper speed...and don't worry nobody is going to blow your doors off it can make those other drivers sweat while they try to pass you. On the highway it doesn't want to cruise wants to go 85mph smooth and quiet so watch your speed it has plenty of juice. The automatic CVT transmission performs great, revs low, is easy to use, and has a power option for climbing steep roads. In town it also drives great and gets a lot of attention. They are not that common and people tend to gather around them when parked. The interior is designed cool, and controls are easy to use. The computer readout on the left side of the dash can give the driver all sorts of data including average mileage, a couple of trip odometers, eco on, clock, etc. Gas mileage for me has been better than the advertised 37 hwy and 37 city. I reset my trip odometer at every fill up and calculate my mileage mostly for fun, and in many cases I get a little over 40mpg which is a mix of city and city freeway. The CVT mentioned earlier is what makes this car perform so well. The one time I got less than 37mpg was a road trip to San Diego in which I drove a steady 75-80mph, steep hills, ac on, and averaged about 33mpg...still not bad. Cargo room is okay considering the size and length of this car. I mostly drive alone in it and just keep the backseats folded down to pick up packages, groceries, etc. The backseats are divided so you can fold one down if you have cargo and a back seat passenger. The car is really made for 3 adults, and one small child or cargo. The front dash on the interior is offset to allow the front passenger to sit forward a little more if needed so an adult can ride in back. I have seen video reviews of 4 adults in the car, and actually you could get a total of 5 in the car, but it's really a 3+1 car to be comfortable. Still, it's one of the smallest and best made (Toyota ) 4 seat cars in the World. ---- Cons: I really have no complaints, but here are a few cons to consider. Cargo room is limited if you haul large items other than mail packages and groceries. It doesn't have a spare tire, but it does have the commonly used electric air pump that plugs in the dash and the slime to pump into the tire. I have not used this on my car but did help a lady in a new model Hyundai who had a flat and it worked fine and got air back in her tire so she could seek out a tire repair or purchase. I honestly prefer to have a spare tire though. The tires are wide and perform very well, but it's an odd size P175/60R16 that only a couple manufacturers make (Goodyear is the recommended tire). The cost is about $153 each at the time I wrote this. Lastly, idiot drivers on the road that only use mirrors to change lanes might not see you. On one occasion I’ve had someone change lanes into my lane at night right next to me. They just don’t see you in their mirror because of the length. --- Overall, I love this car and I’m glad I bought it. The Toyota quality also gives me confidence in it. So far I’ve had one routine maintenance service at the Toyota dealer and it was fast and cheap.
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