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Classy old car

Michael, 12/06/2016
SE 4dr Sedan
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My 93 Bonnie has been in my family for 20+ years. I've owned it personally since 2013. Has power mirrors, automatic headlights, sunroof, and power seats. Great visibility. Acceleration is adequate. My mileage is 16-18 city and 27-30 highway. Great highway cruiser; VERY comfortable and roomy. I think the styling of this car was way ahead of its time - still looks clean and respectable two decades later (I also like the dash layout a lot). The only downsides I can think of are poor handling and turning radius (no U-turns in this car!). It's had plenty of repairs in the last four years (lots of hoses/lines have been replaced, along with sensors and fuel pump) but that's expected at its age. No problems at all with engine or transmission. 3800s are wonderful. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a car that's inexpensive, roomy, comfortable, and gets better gas mileage than almost any other large car. It's been fantastic for me.

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It is a blast to drive!

Blast=power+handling, 03/20/2002
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I bought the car used with relatively high-mileage. I was a little concern about the mileage but after I spoke to GM dealers, taxi drivers, my concern about the engine and drive train become less and less. It is a blast to drive. Handling is excellent plus with traction control you can't beat it. Excellent dash board layout head and tail lamp closed circuit monitoring for burnt light bulb.

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What a Car!

Travis Filing, 01/23/2003
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I have owned this car for five years and have put on 120,000 miles on top of the 50,000 it came with. when I bought the car in 98 I replaced the alternator, then replaced it again in 2001 and last year I replaced the brakes. THAT'S IT!!!

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10 year old SSE and still going strong

74wiu75, 07/31/2003
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When I bought this SSE, the dealer 2 red Grand Prix 2-doors, 5 red Grand Am 2-doors and a the white SSE. Dom "The Snake" Purdome drove the car during his farewell visit to the Sears Nationals in Topeka, Ks. We took delivery on the car. The first 30,000 miles were put on the car between Topeka and KC driving to and from work. The car got broken in right. The Great White has gotten 34 miles per gallon on long trips. At 131,000 miles she has gone through 4 alternators, three sets of tires, 3 sets of brakes, and two sets of struts and shocks. The car still has the original computer and everything else.

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Great for high mileage drivers

HighMileageUser, 01/13/2004
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I drive close to 40,000 miles a year. Combined HWY/CITY driving. I get oil changes every 3,000 miles, and have to replace the brake pads once a year. That's absolutely all for maintenance! I love this car. Close to 200,000 miles and I wouldn't trade it in for anything. Very pleased owner. Have driven cross country, and easily averaged 450+ miles per tank!! Normal city/hwy for me is 325 per tank. Safe car too!

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Good Car!

MARKB, 02/12/2004
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I have had real good luck with my Bonneville. I bought it used in 94' with 40k miles on it. I was a little skeptical about it but it was loaded with all the features I wanted. So here I am 10 years and 150K miles later. All I have done is routine care and maint for the most part. I did have some brake work (master cylinder and reservoir) as well as alternator replacement.

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Best car I ever had.

thenry, 02/20/2004
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The best car i have owned yet. 1 alternator change but the 4wheel anti lock brake has gone out twice. I use castrol oil in it ever 3,000 miles. 133k miles and she still has all the pep as when i first got it. The car is mechanically awesome.

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Hopefully A Lemon

Useless Spender, 05/16/2003
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I had to replace the engine, fuel pump, front suspension, alternater(twice), radiator. The car has sprung leaks on me 5 different times. The climate control is broken. Steering wheel controls only work if the temperature is below 50 degrees. The only gages that work are the spedometer and tach. All the interior light casings have fallen off. I've been through two brake jobs. Front stabilizers have gone 3 times causing brand new $125 tires to wear improperly. The car will not accelerate for three minutes after ignition. Wipers will not turn off, must always have on the lowest delay setting.

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93 Bonneville

Emby, 04/09/2002
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If I had two kids instead of three I'd definitely buy another Bonney - but the minivan gets the call now. Fun, sporty, good handling, excellent engine, spacious is how I would describe it.

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Nice car, when it works...

TJ#1, 02/05/2003
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I love this car when it is working, but I have had nothing but poblems with it from the start. I had to replace the tranny, get a new supercharger becuase the bearings went in the OEM, went through 2 alternators and 2 batteries prematurely, and it has several electrical gremlins. BUT! This is a great poor mans luxury/performance car as long as you don't get a lemon.

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