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About to retire black beauty after 291,000km

mcalpine, 01/24/2013
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I bought this car years ago used from a car dealer in Scarborough. It was very cheap (probably because of 5spd gear box and dent in hood) and my expectations were quite low. I just needed a car for the winter. It lasted a LOT longer than one winter. The 2.4l engine feels gutless in normal driving but when you put your foot down it picks up the pace nicely, albeit with plenty of noise which seems to be typical of GM four cylinders. I have full records of what has been replaced from new: Connecting pipe, small vacuum hose, blower motor resistor, rear window heating module, rear speakers, all struts/shocks/springs, gas cap, brakes x3 with new calipers, emerg brake cable, drivers seat back.

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I'm going to miss this car

chris, 11/03/2010
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My wife bought this car Brand New from the dealer. we've had it for 10 yrs now and its been wonderful. Very few problems the fuel pump went at 70k which i hear is very common, and we've replaced all the power window switches. everything else is great, very fun to drive and very roomy. I'm trading it in and I'm going to miss this car.

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2000 alero after 11 years

mountaintop1, 11/14/2011
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This has been a great car, great mileage, and very little problems. 108000 miles so far, can't complain I will be buying a new car soon, I hope it will be as good.

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Oldsmobile NEEDS to Replace every Alero

Becky, 10/30/2007
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I bought my vehicle in June of 2002, thus far I have replaced brakes, rotors, intake gasket, waterpump, fuel filter, power steering pump, and now my transmission is slipping, have any of you realized that there is n o way to check the transmission fluid on your own? Not to mention the tires I have had to replace. The dashboard is raised due to sun damage. It appears to me that a bunch of monkeys could have done better when they decided to build this car. I had contacted Oldsmobile many times and they seem quite content that a bunch of fools like us made them rich. The car is paid for, but the repair bills are adding up. I will NEVER buy AMerican Made Again!!!!!!!

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Great Car

rjwolps, 09/15/2002
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I love my Alero. I have had it a little over 2 years and have about 65,000 miles it. It runs great and I get about 34 mpg on the highway. It is very comfortable and fun to drive. It is a very good car for the money. The only complaint is the same compliant that I have had for other Olds' products - the brakes. They don't last and the rotors warp too easialy. I have a lot of miles on my car, but they are almost exclusively highway miles. The original brakes should have lasted a lot longer than about 40,000 because I don't use them that much.

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Trash Heap

Wildplrbear, 11/07/2009
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I have owned this car for 6 years and treated it like an old man would. It did not love me back, it constantly bit the hand that feed it. The car is horribly constructed. It has built in flaws that are unfixable and dangerous. It completely broke down with 112000 miles. By break down, I mean it gave up on life. I do not believe it is even ok to sell this car to someone. I plan on taking it to a junk yard and asking them to destroy it. Did not start 15% of the time because of security system issues, new bearings every 15K miles, windows that stop working every winter, bad head gaskets, bad intake gaskets, new breaks every 20K miles, shorting wires on a semiannual basis.

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GM fooled me once but never again!

ihateGM!, 09/24/2010
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This was my first new car buy ever. Peeling dashboard at 36K miles, rack & pinion and tie rods needed replaced at 38K miles. And I'll spare you all the other repairs under $500. Yes, I'm still driving it after 10 years, but when your car has $0 trade-in value at year 4, what choice does one have? (The dealer says to replace the dashboard is over $2000 to repair). My father was UAW and I never thought I'd say this but my next car won't be an American brand. GM, shame on you! The government bailout money will be the last penny of mine you'll ever get from me.

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Stay away from GM

Patrick, 07/05/2008
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Major repairs: Transmission blew up at 95,000 miles, although 80% of my driving is on the highway. Replaced fuel pump at 60,000. Minor repairs: Two stuck front calipers. 1 front wheel bearing, intermittent driver side power window. Leaking intake gasket and transmission gasket. Power steering hose disconnected. Fan resistor replaced twice. I do expect the car to have some things to fix once in a while, but I do not accept a premature transmission or fuel pump failure. GM, you fooled me.

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Thank god for warranties

Tickedoff, 07/14/2002
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I own a 2000 gls, brakes are horrible, windshield leaks, problem w/turn signals (would not turn on until hazzard switch pressed several times) Not to mention it's not worth anything!

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Great car for less!

Espfire, 07/25/2002
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I feel the Oldsmobile division has taken a major criticism for a lineup that rivals Buick and Pontiac. Redesigned cars from the year 2000. The models have been safe, reliable and have outstanding body designs. Though a little behind in overall quality from Toyota and Honda, it really outshines Ford and the previously mentioned GM divisions. It will be a shame to see Oldsmobile go. People were catching on to the new look and feel of Olds and now GM simply gave up on a lineup that was making headway in a full market.

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