2012 Nissan Quest - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Nissan Quest SL (3.5L V6 CVT Automatic)
Date Driven: 12/14/2010 (2011 Quest SL)
Performance Nissan's often-praised 3.5-liter V6 offers ample power and reasonable fuel economy when compared to competitors. We also approve of the continuously variable transmission (CVT), an automatic that is rarely out of step with driver demands.
Driving Dynamics Friction-free but largely natural-feeling steering isn't artificially weighted, artificially light, but precise and confident. Suspension settings are just right for adequate response and overall comfort. Non-defeat stability control system.
Ride Comfort Unlike some other minivans, the Quest offers some feel of the road without being too busy or too floaty.
Quietness We found the well-isolated Quest as quiet as other minivans; no hollow booming, wind whistles (some noise from large side mirrors, though), or excessive tire noise even with our test vehicle's 18-inch wheels.
Ergonomics While there's nothing particularly clever about the overall design and layout of the Quest's interior, there's also nothing objectionable either. Nissan has applied a far more traditional approach for this minivan. Smart entry on SV and above.
Visibility Outward visibility in any minivan can be challenging, but large side mirrors and an available back-up camera can help. No blind-spot warning or lane-departure warning available.
Seat Access & Space Nissan prioritized seat access/comfort over tricky stowage or multiple configurations, so all seating positions (up to 7) are above average for the segment. Downside is the seats aren't removable, folding flat instead for max cargo room.
Cargo & Storage Most minivans score better here due to their potentially cavernous capacity with seats stowed/removed. All seats in the Quest remain, but every seatback folds forward for a truly flat load surface that's about a foot higher than the floor.
Build Quality Our early example proved tight and quiet with homogenously applied metallic paint. No complaints on the inside either which didn't show any signs of shoddy design or build.
Towing A 3,500-pound maximum towing capacity is typical of V6-powered minivans.

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