Edmunds Featured Apps

Edmunds Featured Apps

Stay Tuned: Edmunds TV app for Apple TV

Come along for the ride as Edmunds TV brings you inside the world of the automotive industry. Follow our team of expert automotive editors & test drivers as they deliver the latest car reviews, road tests, comparisons and auto show news. You'll also get helpful guidance on a variety of topics including car buying & selling, how-to videos, driving tips, maintenance and car safety.
Enjoy the ride with Edmunds TV.

Introducing the Drive Promise Watch App

This app from the car experts at Edmunds.com encourages you to make and keep a "safe driving" promise to your loved one(s) every time you get behind the wheel*.

With this app you can...

  • Make a promise to your loved one(s) that you will focus on the road while driving
  • Upload a picture of your loved one(s) to remind you to keep your promise
  • Receive a promise reminder on your iPhone and Apple Watch every time you drive
  • Keep count of your kept promises and share them with your friends and family

This app uses a motion-tracking sensor that's only available in iPhone 5S and above.

*This app does not detect or block distracted driving. Please exercise caution when using this app while driving. Edmunds is not responsible for the safety of drivers/passengers.

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