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2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe

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The 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe is not a coupe, rather it is a space-compromised, performance-leaning SUV. Fundamentally similar to the GLE-Class SUV (formerly known as the M-Class), the GLE-Class Coupe differentiates itself through its aggressively sloping roofline. It's purely an exercise in style, and its apes a certain German rival quite closely. Two trim levels of the GLE-Class Coupe are available, and both are luxurious and well equipped, offering a bevy of optional advanced driver assistance and comfort features. The choice between them boils down to outright speed (and status) rather than equipment.

The 2017 GLE-Class Coupe is offered in AMG GLE 43 and AMG GLE 63 S trim levels. Though technically the base model, the AMG GLE 43 (this is the same model as last year's GLE 450 AMG) is no tepid entry-level variant. It has a performance bias with its powerful twin-turbo V6 and nine-speed transmission. It's also blessed with lots of standard features such as an air spring suspension, continuously variable dampers, all-wheel drive, plus a panoramic sunroof, adaptive headlights and a power liftgate. 

It's a huge step up, pricewise, to the 2017 AMG GLE 63 S. But its potent twin-turbo V8 is easily the star of its show, delivering an awesome punch and a soundtrack to match. It adds a firmer suspension, bigger wheels, tires and brakes, and makes standard some of the equipment that's optional on the AMG GLE 43. Really, though, the AMG GLE 63 S's horsepower and bragging rights are what you're paying for over the base variant. Visually, the two are quite similar, save for subtle differences in the styling of the front and rear bumpers, which may or may not be to your liking.

The 2017 GLE-Class Coupe, regardless of trim, is a luxury vehicle that trades practicality for a kind of style. Both versions are priced a shade higher than their corresponding crosstown rivals. Resale value of AMG-badged models has historically been all over the map, with many of them experiencing low residuals and certain others retaining surprising value over the years. It's likely that the entry-level AMG GLE 43 variant will perform better in this respect than the AMG GLE 63 S. Either way, Edmunds is here to help you find your ideal 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class Coupe.

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