2006 Kia Sedona Long Term Road Test - Comfort

2006 Kia Sedona Long-Term Road Test

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Born in Babylonia, Cruisin' the Sedona

January 23, 2007

My apologies to Steve Martin. After much avoidance, I finally found myself in our long-term Kia Sedona minivan, and to be honest, it ain't half bad. Maybe I'm a little more used to driving big cars now (Edmunds fleet's Benz R500 and Chevy Silverado pickup) but I found the Sedona to be pretty smooth. Much better visibility than either, didn't feel half as long or ungainly as the R500, and generally I enjoyed it. In fact, I VASTLY prefer it to the needlessly complicated and pugfugly R500.

My first peace-making with minivans came via a rented Dodge Caravan in college, a long, four-man trip from Connecticut to Florida for a week. We drove it, we lived in it, and unfortunately one guy crashed it and it limped back to the agency. But I found I enjoyed it. It did what it was supposed to do. Easy to drive, park, soaks up highway miles. Many years later and a similar Caravan, I drove with a friend way down the Baja peninsula, deep into Mexico. Again, great for long drives and comfort.

The point is, the Sedona's a fine ride, if you really need a big van with lots of space and room for a bunch of passengers. Easy to use, clear controls, nice heat, comfy seats, and mirrors that angle down when you back up. Great visiliblity, and I'm all about that. When I opened the door in a tight parking space, I didn't wack the car next to me (unlike the R500). Other than an uncomfortable roar when you first start it up (which quickly settles to a pleasant quiet), it's very pleasant. Does it replace the Aston Martin DB9 in my dreams? Not by a long shot. But it's not bad. And the girlfriend prefers it to the Silverado.

Doug Lloyd, Copy Editor, at 18,108 miles

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2006 Kia Sedona: Christmas Sleigh

December 28, 2006

Our Sedona served as the Toepke family's Christmas sleigh this year, and over the 5 freeway to Grandmother's house we went.

Three kids, Katie (17), Kyle (12) and Emma (6) settled into the rear two seats for the 1,000-mile round trip and did so with little complaint.

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Kia Sedona - driver footwell

October 18, 2006

Perhaps it's my braking style but whenever I drive the Kia Sedona, I always hit my foot on the low-hanging plastic above the brake pedal.

Once I do it, I adjust and am more careful with my foot. But I think the driver's footwell area should be carved out more. I don't have big feet.

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

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