Right Tool, Right Job - 2008 Kia Rondo Long-Term Road Test

2008 Kia Rondo Long-Term Road Test

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2008 Kia Rondo: Right Tool, Right Job

March 25, 2008

When I was a kid my dad always said "You've got to use the right tool for the right job." Turns out screwdrivers don't make very good weed diggers or gasket scrapers. I admit it, he was right.

The Kia Rondo is like one of those screwdrivers I regularly abused, it doesn't work for everything. However, find a nice big standard screw and that wood handled driver works perfectly.

Is the Rondo sporty or luxurious or attractive? No, no and double no - witness its sparse interior. But as a low priced family hauler the Rondo is great. For that specific job, it is the right tool. A spacious interior and decent driving dynamics are clear pluses.

Brian Moody, Road Test Editor

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