2012 Jeep Wrangler - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (3.6L V6 4x4 6-speed Manual)
Date Driven: 2/22/2011 (2011 Rubicon Unlimited)
Performance Gets raspy on hard downshifts and needs to keep torque converter locked to get any instant acceleration. It's a mush zone trying to keep it locked up. Doesn't really want to go faster than 75-80 mph. Go for the 6-speed manual.
Driving Dynamics Longer wheelbase inspires a bit more confidence that it won't rollover in a sweeping corner, but does get a little wobbly and undefined at higher speeds: 75-80 mph.
Ride Comfort Comfortable seats, nothing fancy, but leather-wrapped and heated. Lower speeds, rides pretty gentle for a Jeep. Higher speeds, tends to feel a little wobbly. Oscillating. You wonder if the tires are pointing where you intend.
Quietness You're kidding, right? But fretting over a leaky Wrangler cabin is like worrying about a cat chasing mice. It's in the blood.
Ergonomics Good seat height, offers commanding view. Switchgear and touchscreen nav/interface all within easy reach.
Visibility Good view forward from driver seat. Even with Freedom top and padded rollbars, good rear side views. Beefy side mirrors help with overall view.
Seat Access & Space High ride height inhibits shorter riders, but doors open wide for easy ingress/egress. Good space: plenty for small family out for a ski day, for example. Good cargo area volume, and doesn't compromise rear legroom.
Cargo & Storage Good cargo volume and plenty of storage nooks, although not always where you expect them. Doors, for example, only offer slim net pocket. Surprisingly good room behind rear seat.
Build Quality Chassis and body are simple, solid. Interior is clean and logical, but dials, knobs and some trim pieces feel a little flimsy.
Off-Road BFG mud tires and unlocking front sway bar equip this for serious trail duty straight from showroom floor. Maybe the only thing to add is a winch.
Convertible Removable hardtop is actually three pieces. One person can remove the two targa panels easily. The back-half Freedom Top requires help. Cloth top requires typical learning curve (stuffed into nylon sheaths covering rollbars).

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