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2013 Infiniti JX Review

  • This 2013 Infiniti JX35 video review talks about price, fuel economy, safety, features and interior space. We also compare it to other seven-passenger luxury crossover SUV models.

    Pricing starts a little over $40,000 for the front-drive model, while all-wheel-drive tacks on another $1,100. Of course, if you get crazy with the options, including the second and third row moonroof that's part of the Deluxe Touring Package, a JX35 could easily approach $55,000.

    If the center stack looks familiar, that's because it's virtually identical to other Infiniti models. The cabin has plenty of fine leather and wood, but we were a bit surprised to find that the dash is made of hard plastic.

    One of the strongest selling points of the Infiniti JX35 is its true seven-passenger ability. The second-row seats can adjust back and forth 5.5 inches, while the second and third row seatbacks recline. The second-row seat's unique way of tilting and sliding forward at the flip of a lever allows adults to hop in the back without the need for contortionist maneuvers. This setup should prove a real boon for young families, as it gives access to the third row without the need to unlatch a child seat from the second row.

    The Infiniti JX35 is not just about high luxury, but also high-tech, like the optional Around View Monitor. This safety system gives the driver a virtual 360-degree image of the area around the car, and will warn the driver if it detects a moving object within the front or rear views. The government gave the JX35 a four-star overall crash rating.

    Whether you opt for front- or all-wheel drive, the JX35 comes with a smooth 265-horsepower V6 engine. We found the power to be adequate for most situations.

    We respect the fuel economy of the continuously variable transmission, or CVT, which helps the front-drive model achieve 18 city/24 highway/21 combined mpg. But not so much the odd rubber-banding effect that holds the engine revs high in certain situations. It's kind of annoying.

    If you're looking for a smooth and ultra-quiet ride along with a commanding view driving position, you'll be happy with the JX35. On the other hand, anyone used to Infiniti's other sporty models will find the steering vague and the handling a bit sloppy.

    But we're guessing most buyers in this segment will appreciate that the Infiniti JX35 is more focused on comfort, luxury, space efficiency and technology than the traditional Infiniti sporty driving dynamics.

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