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2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Review

  • The Honda Accord Hybrid video review includes information about fuel economy, pricing, interior comfort, trunk space and what it's like to drive. We also compare it to other hybrid sedans. For more information, read the 2014 Honda Accord Review and watch the Edmunds Hybrid Sedan Comparison Test video.

    Unlike other Honda hybrids, the Accord is state of the art and quite unique amongst gas-electric powertrains. An electric motor powers the front wheels in most instances, while its four-cylinder gas engine is mostly on hand to replenish the battery pack. The gas engines of most other hybrids spend more time powering the wheels directly.

    Now, does any of that actually matter in the grand scheme of things? It might. The engine drones loudly when you accelerate hard or when chugging up a hill. Around town, the engine noise and your speed also don't rise in step as you'd expect. This, combined with a numb throttle pedal, make the Accord Hybrid a little odd and at times, annoying to drive.

    There's no arguing with its fuel economy, though. The EPA estimates 47 combined, and in our extensive testing, it achieved 46 mpg on our Interstate test and a whopping 55 in our 100-mile suburban driving test. A regular four-cylinder Accord gets 30 mpg combined.

    Inside, you get the same comfortable, spacious and impeccably built cabin you'll find in any other Accord. Visibility is also very good and it's aided by the standard rearview camera and unique LaneWatch blind spot camera.

    The trunk does differ from the regular Accord and not in a good way. All hybrid sedans lose trunk space because of their battery packs, but the Accord's lacks the depth others provide and also doesn't have a pass-through or folding seat.

    Despite its flaws and that we ultimately rate the Ford Fusion Hybrid higher, the Accord Hybrid is clearly more efficient and appealing than other hybrid sedans. In most ways it delivers exactly what you expect: the dependability and general excellence of a Honda Accord, but with better fuel economy.

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