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The small red pt

opcfan, 07/17/2014
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I got this car used in a very good shape with a manual. After a new clutch and a full tune-up i drove this car from Nyc to Miami and back. The car was extremely comfortable, able to cruise at 90-100mph with no drama, good handling and 30mpg. Driving in stop and go traffic and getting 20 mpg is not fun but hear compliments from old people. The car never had a mechanical issue.

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Reliable car over the long haul

mikeru669, 09/05/2012
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We purchased our 2006 Cruiser with 13K miles on it 66 months ago, we now have 115K miles, we traveled all over the country on all kinds of roads. The Cruiser has been one of the most reliable cars we have owned. Only recurring problem, camshaft positioning sensor replaced twice since car went over 80K. Takes about 15 minutes to replace. Had a Neon prior which the Cruiser is based on. The Neon was one of the 2 or 3 worse cars we ever owned.

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Wish I knew how expensive it would be to repair

sim40son, 12/24/2011
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I have had this car since 2007, it was fine for the 1st year but I had to put brakes on a fairly new car. Have to buy new tires all the time it wears them out, new brakes every year because of the ceramic brake pads bad design. wiring harness went and something else that was not suppose to ever go bad, chrysler paid for that. I have had to put new wheel bearings on, when the timing belt brakes it takes out the whole housing expensive, even a tune up is outrageous. I am reviewing cars this time. I like my PT cruiser, but I do not like the huge expense of repairs, chrysler parts are expensive. My mechanic told me that chylsers are very expensive to repair. wish I new ahead of time.

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Great Looking Car - Lots of Issues!

Susan E. Craig-Gilson, 04/03/2015
Limited 4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought in 2009 with 43K miles. Within 3 years had to replace the entire back end of car - sometimes certain pieces TWICE! Get only 18 to 19 mpg in the city; maximum I've seen is only 23 mpg and that was only once. Now it seems like I have to replace things in the front. This car is not driven like a maniac; I drive it very safely. Bad vision out of the right window; you can't see cars on the right side. Costs about $50.00 to fill a tank - every week. Fits a lot of stuff inside and is extremely attractive but very expensive on mechanical problems and for gas. Fabric seats are starting to rip (no, I have no pets or children in the car)

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Old faithful

John Wilde, 12/27/2015
Limited 4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought new, now has 87000 miles. One of top 5 of over 85 cars I have owned. Reminds me of my Renault 16, with all of its virtues and few of the annoyances. Great road car. We actually preferred it to the Volvo V70 T5 and Buick Lesabre we owned. Quiet, comfortable, great cargo space. Reliable: only timing belt, water pump and brakes replaced at 75,000 miles. My wife and I can't understand why some people hate this car. Still going strong

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Cool & Fun Wagon

dgs49, 01/22/2013
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This GT wagon rides and handles exceptionally well, and accelerates briskly once you get the turbo to wake up. The riding position is surprisingly high, but I got used to it fairly quickly. I posted this because I didn't see anone else with the turbo and a stick. My mpg is a lot better than I've read here (22-23 combined) on 89 octane. With these cars out of production, the resale value is sinking rapidly, which is a good thing for possible buyers. Mine had 56k miles when I got it and it is very tight and rattle-free.

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Jeff, 07/17/2016
4dr Wagon (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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I purchased my 2006 PT brand new,and 4 clutches and over $4000 spent just on the 4 clutches later I still have the car. Just replaced the 3rd radiator. First clutch went out at 20,000 miles and Chrysler would not cover that because they said it was wear and tear. No I don't ride the clutch, either. The vehicle weighs 3300 pounds and drives and feels heavy, in fact it has a truck chassis. i just bought a top of the line Toyota Avalon 2015 that weighs about the same as the little PT. Expect the PT to have a very poor turning radius, but comfortable inside. Very disappointing gas mileage for a 5 speed, I never got better than 21-23 in the city, I expected better. Overall I have spend more on repairs and rental cars over the years than I paid for this car, keeping the car only because I had no other options. Just spend over $2000 on a timing belt (I just have 120,000 miles) and another $450 on a radiator, the third one. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Some things I do like, the back seat folds down and the storage capacity for a small car is excellent. If your considering this car, I would totally stay away from the 5 speed at any cost and keep in mind the older model cars (like mine) have timing belts instead of timing chains, much more expensive to replace, so make sure you check that out before buying any PT model.

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PTC Owner for Life!!!

PAC for PTC, 10/22/2006
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I love almost all aspects of my PT. My only negative is gas mileage and I miss gas tank on drivers side. I drive mostly city but feel the gas issue could be greatly improved on. As for the window controls, they aren't clunky, it just takes time to get used to reaching for the middle dash. Handles like a dream, great on quick maneuvering. Drove a mini-van for 20 years and am pleased with the cargo versatility. Visibility is really nice as seating is higher than in a comparable small vehicle, Seat height makes it very easy to get in and out of. Love the fun styling. I'd miss the towel bar as I have it decorated!!! Very easy to hand wash. Next goal: Limited Edition - Loaded - Can't wait!!

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wow!!!!! are pt is a Great ride.

jerry185, 08/16/2012
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We love are 2006 pt Cruser MPG in town We get 27 and on the open road we get 33. if you want better MPG. DON'T RUN gas with ethinal. We only got 22 in town and 26 out of town.

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Please - where did you all get your PT?

Jo, 10/08/2006
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I have had nothing but disappointment with my PT. Yes, it is cute and sporty, but the last 4 tanks of gas have gotten me 17.4, 17.3 16.4 and 16.4 miles to the gallon! I have called, had the car looked at with Chrysler giving me excuses about the engine is new, it needs to be broken in, you are not driving it right, you have to change how you drive...It is a 4-cyl car, I repeat 4-cyl car, and should be getting better mileage. I drive 50% city and 50 % highway. My parents 8 cyl Jaguar getting better mileage... The car is simply average but sells on emotion, sentimentality and looks. My only regret is that I may be waiting 1 year to trade it in for a better performing and economical car.

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