2012 Audi A7 - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Audi A7 Premium quattro (3.0L V6 Supercharger AWD 8-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 5/3/2011
Performance Audi's supercharged V6 is one of the world's fantastic engines. Near-instant power with no high-rpm dropoff. And zero supercharger whine. The 8-speed automatic is smooth, quick-shifting and blips the throttle on downshifts in Manual mode.
Driving Dynamics Surprising amount of body roll, but good grip from the optional 20-inch summer tires. Superbly planted on the street at all times, AWD helping. Electric-assist steering gives little feel. Excellent braking numbers, but spongy pedal.
Ride Comfort The A7's suspension works hard to cope with the stiff sidewalls of the optional 20-inch summer tires. There's a harshness over sharp bumps that's at odds with the car's subtle demeanor. Good thing the front seats are superbly comfortable.
Quietness Wow, this car is quiet. Very little wind noise of any kind. Supercharged V6 is whisper-silent at idle, yet equally hushed during full throttle acceleration. The summer tires exhibit just a minor amount of flap over freeway expansion joints.
Ergonomics The tach and speedo are large with easy-to-decipher white numerals. Unfortunately, the white lights for the fuel gauge and coolant temp are impossible to read in direct sunlight. Adjusting A/C fan speed requires both a knob and a button.
Visibility Lots of rear three-quarter blind spots (especially driver side) because of the large B- and C-pillars and sloping roofline. C-pillar is at least broken up by an extra window. Highbeam headlights are exceptionally enlightening.
Seat Access & Space This is a low-slung sedan. You have to duck your head to get inside up front. But once in, there's ample headroom, even with the sunroof. The rear has good legroom, but tight ingress/egress. And there are only two rear seats.
Cargo & Storage The A7's trunk isn't very wide, but is exceptionally deep. The hatchback and folding rear seats make it easy to haul unwieldy items. The center armrest bin is below average in size, but the cupholders are superb, with anti-tip technology.
Build Quality High-grade leather, wood and metal abound inside. Very little hard plastic. Everything feels good to the touch, from the leather on the steering wheel and shifter to the detents of the buttons and knobs. A few large exterior panel gaps.

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