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Upon Further Review...Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design is it
Steve in Louisiana,08/23/2018
T6 R-Design 4dr SUV AWD (2.0L 4cyl Twincharger 8A)
In trying to find a new car replacement for my 9 year old Audi A4 3.2L Prestige S-Line, many vehicles were considered ranging from Audi (A4, S4, Q5, SQ5), Mercedes (C series, GLC), Mazda (CX5, 6), VW (GLI, Tiguan), Honda (Accord, Pilot), and a few others. After months of reading articles, owner reviews, and searching websites like Edmunds, etc., it was time to make a choice. Using my admittedly personal weighting system, many factors such as exterior styling, fuel economy, ease of ingress/egress (some of us are getting older and less flexible than we used to be), interior functionality, safety, and more were evaluated and, as can be read, the Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design was selected and ordered to get the exact option packages we wanted. We ordered the car in February of this year as a 2018 model year, but the 2019 model was delivered 4 mos. later. The Dealership held the 2018 agreed price on the more heavily featured 2019 model so thanks Volvo for that. We strongly considered the T8 (hybrid) version but ultimately rejected it because the new car is intended for highway trips and the additional 500lbs or so would hinder highway fuel mileage. While we only have 1500 miles on the R-Design, so far it is everything I had hoped it would be. It is a superbly comfortable and quiet highway cruiser (indicated 28.2 mpg Interstate, 24.5 mpg combined) that provides a safe, serene, solid, and yes, even sporty-ish driving experience. Learning the new tech and interface in the center console takes a bit of a homework, but once the preferences are set and the short learning curve is attained, controls seem logical and well laid-out. Steering wheel controls and voice commands handle the majority of routine functions (e.g. radio/music selection and volume, cabin temperature, text message response, automatic cruise control, Pilot Assist, etc.) Favorite features so far include the 1) aforementioned auto-cruise control, head-up display, 2) Bowers & Wilkins audio system, 3) fuel economy, 4) comfortable R-Design seats, and 5) general driving dynamics. A few of my nit-picky dislikes in no particular order are: 1) lack of a sunglasses holder in a overhead bin 2) somewhat unpleasant engine sound under moderately hard acceleration (cruising noise is virtually silent) 3) lack of available CD player (yes, I'm showing my age, but I have a lot of CDs). UPDATE: FOURTEEN MONTHS LATER The XC60 continues to meet and exceed my expectations. After several 600 mile round trips, puttering around town, and a total of 18,600 miles on the odometer, there are ZERO mechanical, electrical, interface, or infotainment issues. None. No squeaks, rattles, shimmies, or, loose trim pieces. The R-Design has had one oil change service and software update (neither of which cost me anything) and another service is due in a couple of weeks. The engine has not used any oil in the roughly 9000 miles of use since the last oil change. The A/C system is terrific, cooling the interior quickly in these hot summer months. All the safety systems continue to function as advertised and impress my occasional work mate passengers. Interstate cruising is quiet, relaxing, and unstressful. Certainly the driver still needs to monitor the road and input steering as required, but the automatic cruise control and lane keeping systems help the miles melt by. Fuel mileage also continues in the upper 27-28 mpg range at interstate cruising speeds (70-75 mph), and strictly around town driving yields low 20s mpg. We continue to appreciate the very comfortable seats, excellent Bowers & Wilkins audio system, and roomy interior. The XC60 is the optimum size for us and our travel and commuting needs. Because this is my first experience, much less, my first ownership of a Volvo product, I was very skeptical. The vehicle would have to "win me over". After nearly 18 months of living with it, would I recommend the Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design? Unquestionably. Now after almost three years and nearly 40k miles of ownership, the XC60 is still performing and providing excellent service. Zero complaints or areas of concern. There's even a trace of new-car-smell lingering. The free maintenance period is over but the last scheduled service was very reasonable and handled quickly by the top notch tech team at the dealership. I would still highly recommend this Volvo to anyone looking for solid, reliable, efficient, and stylish transportation.
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