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1987-1992 Supra: Be a mechanic or have lots of $
Turbo 2dr Hatchback
If you are considering a MKIII Supra, drive the car and if it makes a lot of gurgling sounds out of coolant overflow tank after stopping, the head gasket is leaking. Check under the oil cap for grey sludge. That means the rings are worn or coolant is getting into the oil. Look in the overflow tank for oil also. Its best if you are mechanically inclined as maintenance will be costly. Be ready, this car eats $100 bills and and just says... more. After the mechanical issues are sorted, its a great car to drive. You can put your arm upright on the window sill without being cramped like in a newer FR-S or even a MKIV 93-98 Supra. Its got a lot of premium features, especially the Turbo model with the full sport package. I have been driving the same Supra for 25 years. I can't find a car I like better. The down sides are that its a bit heavy (3,600 lbs) for the horse power and uses gas (premium) 16 - 23 MPG. At about 15 lbs per hp on a stock CT-26 turbo, its a bit heavy. 10 lbs/hp or less would be ideal for a nimble sports car. Its more of a comfortable sport touring than a track car unless you make costly modifications. Some of the lines of the car remind me of a Porsche 928 or a 1980s Laser / Daytona. Parts are getting harder to find. I have 301K on mine with a total drive train overhaul in 2014. 2018 update: no issues except replacing the radiator after 31 years. 2019: Just normal maintenance. I found brake calipers, a trunk area carpet, a leather wrapped parking brake lever out of a 54K miles 88 Supra in like new condition, SWEET! 2020 update: Since the release of the MK5 (BMW) Supra, Toyota has come up with a program and a website for people with vintage Supras (MK3 & MK4) to apply for parts to be reissued, depending on demand. We'll see what comes of that. 2021 update: Toyota has reissued a few token parts but not as many or the ones I would like such as a 87-88 maroon driver side door belt molding. I spent $1,000 on a new set of tires and rims courtesy of the first stimulus check. Looking good and no major mechanical issues to date.
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