2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Base (3.5L V6 AWD CVT Automatic)
Date Driven: 2/22/2011
Performance Eight seconds to 60 mph is competitive for a crossover, but max acceleration is not what Nissan's VQ (engine) + CVT (transmission) do best. Everyday driving is seamless, quiet and responsive. Fuel economy is expectedly so-so.
Driving Dynamics Within the stability control's limits, the CrossCabriolet is plenty agile and rewarding to drive on a twisting road. Steering feels natural and is precise. Midcorner bumps are effectively damped, building driver confidence.
Ride Comfort Even with the standard 20-inch wheels, the CrossCabriolet offers a ride that's cushy but not floaty, with ample damping and little impact harshness.
Quietness The closed convertible top is sufficiently isolating up to about 50 mph, when it begins to reveal its lack of insulation with obvious wind noise that engulfs the cabin. We measured nearly the same decibel reading at 70 mph with top up or down.
Ergonomics With the standard navigation system and upgraded audio system, the CrossCabriolet offers the best available interface Nissan has. The center stack is easy to learn, simple to operate and well labeled.
Visibility Large side mirrors and a high-res back-up camera are standard. We also appreciate the elevated driving position, the lack of a B-pillar, and rear-side glass that aids over-the-shoulder viewing. Good rating for a convertible.
Seat Access & Space The front and rear seats will comfortably accommodate adults. Two large doors help with rear access as does the spring-loaded tilt/slide of the front passenger seat to help access to the rear seats.
Cargo & Storage With the top up, you get 12 cu-ft of luggage space; 7 cu-ft with the top down. Either way, however, a golf bag will fit, but not much else.
Build Quality Very good, and in fact you'd expect this level of execution and build quality from an Infiniti, but perhaps not Nissan. Body gaps are not particularly tight, but they are very consistent. Interior fit and finish is remarkably good.
Off-Road Part-time all-wheel drive is standard, but with a belt-and-pulley transmission and just 7 inches of ground clearance, the CrossCabriolet is a soft-roader, not an off-roader.
Convertible Taking 24 seconds to open and 27 to close, the large-yet-sleek cloth top and integrated tonneau cover work seamlessly. Better be sure that stop light isn't about to turn green before starting the show though.

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