2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid Long-Term Road Test - Maintenance

2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid Long-Term Road Test

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2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid: Monthly Update for October 2018

by Mark Takahashi, Senior Writer

2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid

Where Did We Drive It?
It's been a while since we've posted on the 2018 Mini Countryman S E Hybrid, so this update is a bit more robust than usual. For the most part, the Mini has been performing the typical commuting duties without any notable road trips, but we've still gathered some good input from the staff. We also had some maintenance performed.

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2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid: Introduction

by Cameron Rogers, Staff Writer

2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid

What Did We Get?
Seven years ago, we asked a simple question: "How big can a Mini get and still be called a Mini?" We added a brand-new 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman S to our long-term fleet to find out. And over the course of a year, we found that, despite a more substantial footprint and a somewhat hefty curb weight, Mini had successfully injected its fun-to-drive DNA into a small SUV.

We were skeptical that lightning would strike twice when the wraps were pulled off a new, even larger model last year. We decided this redesigned Countryman was worth a second go-round in our fleet, but there was some debate over which powertrain to get. A vocal contingent supported the Cooper S for its strong turbocharged four-cylinder, while others rallied for the new Cooper S E plug-in hybrid for a chance to explore its unique powertrain. At the end of the day, the Cooper S E won out, and we ordered a 2018 Mini Countryman Hybrid.

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