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Got a Good Deal

prizm_SF, 03/14/2007
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I bought my LSi used. It was two years old, but only had about 12k on it. It rides similar to a '92 Corolla, but perhaps with stiffer suspension. Interior is a little cheaper and less practical than a Corolla, but heck for $10k, I have AC, sunroof with tilt that the Corolla LE didn't have, power windows. Engine has been very reliable. It is March 07 and the engine is still fairly quiet when idling and it accelerates fairly smoothly. I did have some electrical issues - power windows malf, radio/clock lite out, speedometer busted, alternator. But it still runs confidently with minimum maintenance. If I only had $1,000 to buy a reliable used car, this would be a killer deal.

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A great reliable car

great car, 11/30/2007
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I purchased my Prizm (1.8L 5speed) with 79,000 miles on it. I'm writing this review because it finally died. I have 244,500 miles on it and the engine still runs like new. Transmission just went out so going to retire this car. This car has never had anything but expected things needed to it (brakes, starter, etc.). This many miles and everything was still working, power windows, locks, sunroof, the air conditon. I would recommend this car to anybody.

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Reliable, Durable, and Cheap!

golfingirl, 09/02/2010
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I never thought I would like this car, after having a Mercedes-Benz prior to this one. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised. I have nothing but good things to say about it. I have had the car for a year and a half and have never had to do a single repair! I drive it everyday, and I fill up my gas tank about once every three weeks, for about $28 bucks. Can't beat that! I drive it on dirt roads and tote my German shepherd in the back. Nothing phases this car!

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one of the best cars

Kortan Kukrer, 09/17/2002
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I bought this car from dealer at july 2001 with 51.000 miles. Now the engine has 140.000 miles. (I`m a courier. I drive 70 k miles a year) In this period I got the belts and brake pads changed. My car is 5 speed. I never had a automatic. I hate the automatics. The clutch is still original not in very bad condition. The only problem happened was alternator. I use synthetic mobil 1 oil ever 3.000 miles. There is no leak at the engine. Engine runs just perfect. I still can not believe how a car can be this perfect. I recommend this car to everybody. It is a reliable car.

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Best Car Ever

Geo Fan, 10/21/2005
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I've had my Geo for 13 yr's and driven it 235K miles. It has been a terrific car!!! SO VERY RELIABLE! GREAT GAS MILEAGE! AFFORDABLE REPAIRS ON THE RARE OCCASIONS THEY'RE NEEDED! There's not enough space to tell you how much we love this car and how great it has been for our quality of life - leaving us with $$$ for graduate school, vacations, house payments, etc. Much of its life we drove it commuting in Chicago. Now we live in the Rocky Mtn's and, while it gets around great on the winter roads with studded tires, it lacks the ground clearance needed for our super snowy rural driveway, so we're replacing it with an SUV :( Thanks for the memories Prizm!

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