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Excellent value if bought off lease.
Battery Electric 2dr Hatchback (electric DD)
Buying these cars off lease is the way to go. You can easily acquire one for under $10K out the door for a 3 year old car with under 20K miles. New car price (and only in CA or OR) is a staggering $34K. Off lease is a bargain! Being electric one always has to consider how you would use your car and whether you will have "range anxiety". I live in the upper Midwest so I see all 4 seasons. This greatly impacts the range of the electric car. EPA rates it at 84 miles, which is a good general average. Depending on your commute and weather conditions will impact whether this works for you. I travel about 53 miles round trip of mixed driving on 2 lane roads. Speed limits range from 25-55 mph. In the summer, I only use about 50% of battery charge which is excellent (better than EPA). But in the dead of winter with snow, I use almost 90% of the charge and that is with limited use of heater/defogger. There are tricks that I learned to get better range under these cold conditions such as using the heated seats (which work well) to stay warm and uses the 12V battery to function and not the main battery. You can then get by using less of the main heater which eats a lot of electricity/range. Remember too the battery heats itself to maintain optimal reliability and function and that consumes some range as well. That covers the range anxiety concerns which scare most people about electric cars. Other than that, this car has been dead reliable. Maintenance costs are nil given it is electric, (no fuel system, ignition system, cooling system, transmission, alternator, etc to worry about) . The low center of gravity (600 lbs of batteries in the floor near the back half of the car) makes it handle better than any other Fiat 500 with a better fore/aft weight distribution. This make it more predictable and stable in the turns. The weight of the batteries also improve the ride quality too, but the short wheelbase still makes it a little more bouncy when you hit real rough bumps. Despite the extra weight, it more than compensates with the electric motor which makes this accelerate much quicker than you would think. Electric motors make 100% torque instantly from a standstill. Other drivers are surprised when the light turns green and you run away from them! Last the quiet operation of the electric motor makes driving serene almost luxury car feeling in such a small car. Love it!
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